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I have recently bought macbook pro retina 15" it has yet to arrive it is still in the processing stage.
I prefer the retina slightly more than the traditional version, however upon reading the image retention issues of the macbook pro retina after I have ordered it.

I am unable to decide whether or not to cancel my order to and buy a normal macbook pro 15" without the retina display.

I want to ask has the after image / ghosting issues of the retina displays been fixed yet in 2013?
This was an issue with the displays made in june 2012.
Right now its 2013 hopefully someone can give me an update on the display issues with the retina model.

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    Some people have IR problems, some don't. If I were you, I'd just go ahead and take delivery of the Retina model and keep in mind that you have 14-days to return, exchange or get a full refund. There are various IR tests out there but if you don't have signicant IR, I'd just keep it.


    Just my 2¢...