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Sorry if this is the wrong section


I jus bought a new ipad, and i was jus wondering hw to transfer those apps content from old ipad to the new ones.


The contents I was referring to was stuffs like games histories, such as the levels and achievements. (i got a game called bubble mania, and i got quite far in it, i dont wanna redo it all over again. Hahas)

As well as contents in an apps called the "ppstream". (i kinda downloaded 10+ gigabytes of movies in it, so redownloading it is quite a hassle)


I used the backup using itunes, and it does reinstalled all those apps i used, but all the apps are empty so its kinda useless.


Did i did the wrong backup? or are they any more extra steps that needed to be done?


is there any way to make a complete copy of the ipad or clone it to the new ipad?


Thanks in advance

iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi