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I'm going to note this thought/experience process since I'm still a beginner for that fact that my schedule allows for only such a piece-meal progress on my xCode work. Hopefully I can get some pointers in the process.


Coming back to xCode, it is very clear that the IBOutlets and IBActions are excellent and easy ways to bind view control objects to class variables.


It's also clear that drag-and-drop binding between CoreData attributes and something like a CDOutlet variable should also be available. Maybe it is?


Finally, if drag-and-drop binding were available between class instance variables when one is opened in the editor and the other in the assistant editor, that would be awesome and would complete the entire xCode package.


Maybe these tools are available on the newer versions?

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    So I guess for making such drag-and-drop bindings to the CoreData model, xCode would have to bind a fetched property to a declared property, and drop a method into the class of the declared property that steps through the returned array (as a 'for' loop with empty code brackets).


    But for binding one Declared Property to another, that would only require adding the required text to the classes.