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    Photos for Mac

    Hi sweet of you to reply again...

    in iphoto 9.5 (11 - no where do i see in my settings that is is called 11, how to people know this?)

    iPhoto 9 thru 9.5.1 is part of iLife 11.  So many call it iPhoto 11 erronously.  Up until iPhoto 8 the iLIfe designation was the same as the iPhoto version no.  Apple then skipped a year and lo and behold we had iPhoto 8 which was part of iLife 09. That's not confusing is it?


    chose no transition and set to 7s on that slide...nevertheless it keeps fading to black. Any ideas?

    That's the default for all slideshows for the last slide. Can't be changed.


    If you want more control over individual slides and multiple audio clips added to a slideshow then find a copy of iMovie 6 HD (yes, part of iLife 06). It is by far the best version of iMovie available in that regard.  And it delivers the best quality movie to iDVD, no exporting required just drag the iMovie project into the iDVD window.



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