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I read all of the discussions about the Nikon D600 RAW/NEF download problems (all dated around Oct 2012). Today, the Apple information says that D600 RAW/NEF images can be downloaded into Aperture as long as you have version 3.4 or later. I just downloaded version 3.4.3 with MacOS 10.7.5, but when I download the image I get rectangular black blocks with an exclamation mark. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? Just FYI, the camera has both jpeg and RAW/NEF files in it, but I am telling Aperture to only import the RAW/NEF image.

Thanks for the help.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), i7
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    Have you run all software updates?  You need the right version of the RAW camera bundle, and it was released in the last month or so.  Try running software update.  Just having 10.7.5 is not enough.

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    I actually had updated all of the software, including the Digital RAW compatibility version 4.03. In order to make the images appear, I actually had to follow the advice of "Reprocess" the orignal. Once I did that, the images appeared on the Browser. However, I do not understand why the software does not apply the corresponding RAW download code while downloading, instead of having to reprocess the downloaded image...

    I have written a Feedback to Apple.

    I would very much appreciate if you have any other suggestions to make the downloading process a single step process rather than a two step process with an intermediate "Reprocess". If there are no other suggestions, I will consider this a solution to the problem, at least until Apple fixes this issue.

    thanks for the help.

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    Were these images that you imported previous to upgrading to the RAW compatibility 4.0.3?  If so, that's expected behavior.


    Aperture "processes" the images on import, and if the images aren't supported, they won't be reprocessed when you update the RAW conversion engine.  You need to reprocess them.


    For future images, they should import OK without needing to do that (i.e. it should be a single step).  If that's the case, then definitely submit feedback as that's not how it should work (and not how it works for me).

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    When I updated the software I noticed that the RAW compatibility was being updated and so I downloaded the images (again) after the update but they did not appear until I reprocessed them. You are right, yesterday night I did download new images and they appeared immediately on Aperture.

    thank you very much for your help!