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I have a 2009 macbook pro that I also purchased the  24 inch apple cinema display for at the same time. I never had any issues with either. My husband purchased me a 2011 macbook pro with the thunderbolt deal on it late last year. I'm a deployed soldier, so I didn't have the opportunity to play with the new computer and my old apple display at home before I left. He sent me the apple display here with me and the new computer. I never could get the display to come up. I assumed it was incompatible, so I had him send my old macbook out here. I still can't get the display to come on. Did I short something out trying to connect the thunderbolt to it from the start?

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    Make sure the display's Mini DisplayPort plug is pushed in all the way in the computer's Thunderbolt port.  Are the display's USB and power cords plugged in?  Does the display's audio show in Sounds system preference?

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    Thanks for the help. The sound is actually coming thru the monitor when I try either computer. I have power and sound but still no picture. I can't prove it, but I truly believe that me connecting the thunderbolt computer to the min display port caused some straight confusion on the inside of the monitor. I've connected and disconnected and powered up...down and around and nothing. Looks like I'll be without a monitor until I get back to the states off this deployment. There are compatibility issues with the thunderbolt and miniport stuff. Wish I had known that before I purchased the new computer. It wasn't worth it.