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I was getting into my car and I had to clear the snow off. The nano was in my front pocket. The screen was facing my leg and the case on the back so it could not get any water damage. Plus it was dry 100%. It was only super cold out side. I was listening music through blue tooth then it just cut out. It wont turn on and it was charging all night. I have googled this and it seems others are having the same problem. I've had this for only a month and I have never dropped it before.


It wont turn on now. Ive held the buttons down in many different combos.


I have not tried charging it yet because I am in my class, but I will later.



I don't have a recipt because  I got it for a preasent.


I registered it with apple.com so will I be able to get a new one if it is faulty?