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Hello all!


I got a new hard drive for my Mac Book Pro and an enclosure so I could clone the old partitions on to the new drive.


So I...


  1. Put the new hard drive in the enclosure.
  2. Booted up off an install disk and ran disk utility.
  3. Copied the Mac and Bootcamp partitions over to the new drive that was connected VIA USB.
  4. Turned off the computer, took the old hard drive out and put it in the enclosure.
  5. Put the new hard drive in the Mac Book Pro.
  6. Booted into Mac OSX with no problem.
  7. When I rebooted held down the option key to boot into the windows side, it didn't show up as an option.


When I went back into the Mac side, I loaded Disk Utility and saw that I had the Mac partition, the BOOTCAMP partition, and a bunch of unallocated space.  When I went into the System Preferences and set the target boot drive to the BOOTCAMP partition and restarted, I got some crazy error about there not being any bootable info on it.


That's where I am at.  I have found other posts with people who are having the same problem, but I have yet to find a solution that doesn't involve me buying some 3rd party software.  I know it has something to do with (what is called in Microsoft world) the Master Boot Record, but I don't know how to modify that to reflect that the BOOTCAMP partition is a bootable logical drive.  I remember in MS DOS land there was some command line FDSK /something command that you would run (I think it was /MBR) to reset the MBR.  To me though, all of these terms are shadowy figures in the Ether.


What do I do???




p.s.  I read somewhere to boot off the windows 7 disk and run the system repair tools. I tried that and no change.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)