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i work in a wifi zone.  who doesn't.  i used to use my ipad 2 (64gig wifi+3g iOS 6.0.1) all the time here to get things from dropbox or take notes with evernote, or to surf answers to questions posed in meetings.  wonderful tool.  then i updated the OS to 6...


and now i can't use it for more than a couple of minutes before wifi quits working.


i get the same spining wheel of death in the settings>wifi that others have complained about.


i've started carrying my nexus 7 around with the ipad and without failing even a single time the nexus has never had an issue connecting while the ipad sits and spins its wheel of death. 


and all this can be had for $1,000 with tax.  yea.


at home my wifi connectivity is much better with the ipad, but still it's worse than it was before the 'update'.  further, if the nexus can connect i expect the 4 times more expensive, from the great minds at apple, ipad to be able to connect also. 


guess i was wrong. 


i don't get angry when computers can't do complex things that are relatively new, but wifi isn't new, and i get immensly hacked off when a company breaks a basic functionality of a devise and offers nary a word on a fix. 


face it folks.  this is just another IT gadget made by just another computer company. 

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 6