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I have the official Facebook app on both my iPhone and iPad. In the last few days, there must have been a change in the app because now when I choose the red "Log Out" button within the app, it doesn't Log Out, it only presents a screen that looks like this below (on both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2). It still shows you logged in, with a Continue button as a choice. There is no way to Log Out. I have tried deleting the app and re-installing it from the App store with the latest version. I have tried logging in to another account but when I log out of the other account, it still shows that my account is Logged in. Does anyone know what to do?



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iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    Hi GS, I've had this problem for a few months, sent message to fb, no response. I have an iphone too with fb app so I just deleted the app on my ipad. I hope that shut it down. I have no problem on my laptop and iphone with logging out.

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    Have you tried to go into the settings, and privacy, and turning it off? I've not linked my facebook to my iPad but that might break the link and allow you to log out.

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    I did try that a while ago and wasn't able to log out. Dumping the iPad app did work though. I may try to upload it again later. I'm not needing it on 3 devices for now ;)

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    I do think deleting the app should remove the login info because it's not deleting it as a whole, just from your device.

    I do think also, on hte main facebook somewhere you can tell it to allow/disallow mobile devices. which may also block them from accessing it

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    I finally found the answer -- someone posted on another apple forum. I did it an it worked for me:

    Go to the Setting app.

    Go to Facebook option.

    On the right-hand side, under "Allow These Apps to Use Your Account", set Facebook to OFF.

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    This has been driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Your suggestion worked perfectly!

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    After the following steps, should I be able to post a link to my Facebook timeline?


    1) Log out in Facebook app.

    2) In Settings, disable Facebook account access to Facebook app.  (Now the Facebook app shows the login form.  Don't login.)

    3) In Mobile Safari, clear cookies and data.

    4) In Mobile Safari, post a page to your Facebook timeline.


    I was expecting it fail or bring up a login form, but it successfully posted the link to the timeline.  The access token is still remembered somewhere.  Help is appreciated.


    [UPDATE: after typing up the above, googled for Facebook active sessions.  When I deleted all the sessions and tried sharing in the browser, it prompted me to enter the Facebook password in Settings, as expected.  Thought I'd post it here as it's related to the topic.]

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