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Recently purchased iPhone5 and Motorola H19txt headset. Had problems with loss of audio when using headset - would hear slight click and lose audio. If I closed headset and reopened audio restored.  This happened sometimes 2 or 3 times a day randomly.  Took headset back to AT&T and they replaced it.  This continues to happen most every day.  Anyone else experience this and what is solution?  Tried apple support and they suggested resetting network, which I did.  Will continue to monitor. Does anyone know about firmware update for headset?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    I have exactly the same problem with the H19txt and a couple more. 


    In the middle a converstion, a little click will occur and my incoming sound is cut off.  The first time it occurred I did not realize that the outgoing sound was still connected and so I hung up and called back.  It has happened at least 3 other times and I was able to ask the other party to hold while I go directly to the phone itself by closing the boom microphone and avoid losing the call.


    Twice, a load buzzing has begun on incoming sound (the caller does not hear it) and I have had to close the boom and go the the handset to continue the call.


    Finally, I am used to when wearing the headset with the boom open, to have an audible prompt in my ear of an incoming call.  This does happen sometimes, but I have also felt the vibration of an incoming call on my handset with no acknowledgement on the headset. Moving around in a busy environment, the vibration can be missed and I need to rely on the headset to prompt me.  Perhaps it had gone into a battery conservation mode?  Not a good thing.


    I have had an iPhone 4GS and for several months and iPhone 5.  I have not had these issues using a H17txt for about a year.  That makes me think it is the headset. 


    I wonder about a firmware update as well.  I don't know how it could be applied --but it seems this type thing would be fixed in the firmware.