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why do i keep getting a wdf violation    this first happened when i got my new computer  it went away for about a month  but now started again today

iPod nano (5th generation), Other OS
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    Are you running Windows 8? Be sure to update iTunes to the latest version.


    Read: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-hardware/wdfviolation /32cd10ab-1284-4faf-af86-e60a2f1b2050


    This may also be relevant:

    Updating the drivers on your Windows PC

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    Yureka!!!!  I found the solution!!!  Even ended up educating the tech -- who didn't have a clue. 


    I have a brand new  7th gen iPod Nano, a brand new Windows 8 laptop, and iTunes 11. Everything was working all fine and dandy until I unchecked "Enable Disc Usage in iTunes on my iPod.  Then all **** broke loose.  I got the blue screen of death with the WDF_violation and I couldn't even plug my Nano in without it crashing my computer, let alone access iTunes to re-enable Disc Usage. Because the crashes happened immediately after I did that I just KNEW it had something to do with that.  Trouble is, I couldn't fix it.... or so I thought. 


    I was on the phone with the tech, who was telling me it was a driver issue ( impossible because both the laptop and iPod are brand new) and I was looking around in iTunes while she did. 


    HERE IS YOUR SOLUTION:  Edit --> Preferences --> Devices.  Check Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically.  Then plug in your iPod, re-enable the Disc Usage, and voile!!!!!!  Problem solved.