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I have ML 10.8.2 with Safari 6 on a Macbook Pro (early 2011). Pop up blocker is enabled.


Pretty much every website I go on has those annoying bouncy adverts at the side and at the bottom, you know, the ones which try to trick you by putting an unconvincing windows XP style window with an X which they want people to click on to try and make the pop up go away (I think they annoy me mostly because they assume that I am one of these people who fall for it).


I also get one which pops up a little box every time I hover over a hyperlink in the text of the web page, telling me I can win an iPhone 4S (like I want one of those, they are sooo last year ). This one is particularly annoying because I click around quite fast sometimes and it follows your mouse cursor so I often accidentally click of the f@*%ing thing!


The most alarming, since I have a ten-year-old son who is getting to be quite tech-savvy, is that I downloaded a movie the other day and I swear to God it tagged on a random ***** which then showed up in my downloads file. Luckily I spotted it before he did.


Is this what we have to learn to live with since the new rules about cookies (I hope not, since for most websites you have to accept cookies to use them), or is there something you can get which is better at blocking these things than the standard built-in pop up blocker?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011)