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Rob Lichter Level 1 Level 1

I have many years' experience using DVD Studio Pro 4, so this hopefully is not a stupid question.


I'm using an iMac with 80gb free and an external HDD with 12gb free.  I have authored a DVD in DVD Studio Pro 4.  The project says it's 4.6gb.

I need to make a disc image file of the DVD so I can burn it to DVD media using another computer.  When I do this, it encodes for hours and then says "Formating Failed.  Not enough space of the output media"  (I might be paraphrasing.)

The only possiblt output medias, the iMac and the external drive, both have plenty of space, and the project is under the limit.  So what gives?

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    Use Compressor and the DVD presets.  They are the better way to do this anyway.

  • Rob Lichter Level 1 Level 1

    With all due respect, that doesn't relate to the issue.  I never said anything about how I encoded the footage.  The issue is why it won't make the disc image, even though the project says it should fit and I have enough storage space.

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8



    Use Disk Utility to make the Disk Image.  As a .CDR.  Then burn that to the new disk.


    Sorry, I didn't read it thoroughly.

  • Rob Lichter Level 1 Level 1

    How would you recommend I go about making a disk image out of a DVD Studio Pro project using Disk Utility?

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    Take the DVD you already authored, and make a disk image of that.  Then use Disk Utility to burn the disk on another computer.



    Hmmm...wait, the other computer. Are you also wanting to use DVD SP to burn a disk? So you want to take the DVD SP project from one computer, and open it with DVD SP on that machine?  I think I need more details...HOW are you trying to author this DVD on the other computer?

  • Rob Lichter Level 1 Level 1

    Let me try this again, because I think we're not communicating.


    I have authored a DVD Studio 4 project with menus and assets, etc.  It simulates just fine.  The tab on the top of the DVDSP screen indicates my project is 4.6gb.  This means I should have no problem turning this project into a DVD.  The computer I'm working on has no DVD burning capabilities so I want to create a disc image of the project instead of burning a DVD.  I have done this before, where DVDSP encodes and builds a file that I can then use Disk Utility to burn to a DVD.  So, once I have my disk image, I will transfer that file to another computer, and use Disk Utility on that second computer to burn the DVD from the disk image.




    The problem I'm having is that DVDSP is not able to make the disk image.  When I go to "Build/Format", it should make a disk image, but instead, I get an error saying there is not enough space on the output device.  The "output device" in this case is my external Hard drive which has plenty of space.  That is why I am asking for help.

  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    Ahhh HAAA!!!!  Now I get you.  Yeah, I completely missed that. Sorry. 


    Choose to just BUILD, and not format.  Format, I believe, requires the DVD device.  Build will just build the Disk image. 

  • Rob Lichter Level 1 Level 1

    That will create a Video_TS folder, not a disc image.  I can't just drag a Video_TS into a blank DVD-R and have it make a DVD.  I'm trying it now, anyway.  It should take another 30 minutes or so.  When that doesn't work, I'll just give up and bring the project to another computer 30 miles away that has both a working DVD drive and DVD Studio Pro.  What a pain.

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 Level 7
    Mac OS X

    You might want to get roxio toast.  That allows you to create a dvdvideo from a video_ts folder.  DVD videos are udf format.  Probably a way to do this using disk utility.  Probably someone else (maybe Shane?  sorry couldn't resist) can help you with that. 

  • Eric Pautsch1 Level 4 Level 4

    Oh Vey!    Format only and choose img