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    Here is a tutorial that shows the tags you need and should have in your feed.


    Your feed is missing a few key items - but the enclosure tag is the most important item.


    I am biased - but I would suggest using for your host instead of AWS - and then just the feed creates to feed feedburner.  You can also publish to your wordpress blog directly.  This will make your life much easier - just upload the file to libsyn then add in the title and description and publish - it will then update your feed and your wordpress blog. 


    Here is a link on how to connect libsyn to your wordpress blog -


    Or you can hand code and update your feed each time you upload to AWS. 


    Another advantage of libsyn of AWS is if your show gets popular there is no bandwidth fee for libsyn - it is just a flat monthly fee based on what you plan to upload.


    Rob W


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    hmmmm why didn't I know about Lisbyn before lol

    I have gigabytes of video with AWS but have only just started on the podcast thing.

    I will be podcasting a weekly video and/or mp3

    about 30 minutes long.

    What you suggest and it will get up to the thousands listening

  • Robert Walch Level 4 (1,705 points)

    For the video I would recommend encoding at 640 x 360 - h.264 - .m4v format video - that works out to about 6 MB per minute or about 180 MB for 30 minutes.  Don't go with HD video for podcasting - as most (over 50%) podcasts are downloaded to mobile devices and HD video is a bad end user experience during the download even with LTE.  Going with the settings above it will work across all Apple devices that can play back video from iPod nano's to Apple TV. 


    With libsyn you pay based on how much you plan to upload in a 30 day window.  If you are doing a mix of audio and video in a month - our App 800 plan ($40 a month) would give you 800 MB of new uploads every 30 days and should be enough for you.  If you are doing less video - once a month - then the App 400 plan ($20 a month) would work fine. 


    let me know if you have any other questions off line - rob at libsyn dot com


    Rob W


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