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Hi there!


I am running a Lion OS X Server and using different network environment to switch between inhouse use and other (outside) networks.

But with a iOS Device there is no possibility to switch easy between two different dns network settings.


So I search for a way that OS X Server is broadcasting its DNS information on the local network.

I knew that for e.g. some Lancom routers with DNS possibilities have this feature. In such a network the OS X client shows the server network DNS settings with a grey shaded DNS name and the IP-adress of that server in the network panel.

I have searched for a way to activate a similar function at OS X server, but all i found where the information that DNS settings at the client have to feed in "by  hand".

Is there any way that the server spread these DNS information on the local network and the OS X client detect them automatically?


Thank you in advance for your support!


MacBook Pro, OS X Server