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I know there is a software update for iphones now but i don't want to update it because i might lose my factory unlock? Is this true or can i update with no problems? I am using T-Mobile.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, Factory Unlocked using on T-Mobile
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    If your phone was officially and legally unlocked by your phone carrier, then you'll have no issues when updating to the new IOS .

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    Thanks just updated it, super smooth! Appreciate the help a lot.

  • razmee209 Level 7 (30,229 points)

    You're welcome.

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    Dear Razmee209,


    In January 2013, I paid a 3rd party to factory unlock my IPhone 4s. After I paid for the service I was told by ATT that these kinds of unlocks can introduce problems to your device and so I did not restore the software via ITunes which is supposed to be the final step to complete the unlock. The 3rd party insists that the device shows that it is unlocked however I never received a message in iTunes that confirms that the device is unlocked. I have refrained from updating the software which is an option that had come up since January. From this information can you tell me if in fact my device is unlocked and if the device is still locked can I update the software without unlocking the phone? I am happy to wait until ATT unlocks it but would like to update the software. Thank you.

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    NO third party has the authorization to unlock a phone. You have done the unlock illegally. Your phone is NOT unlocks. Updating will re-lock. Why did you not contact AT&T in the first place, as they are the only ones who can unlock your phone.

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    At the time, ATT declined to unlock the device, though I requested it via their online form, because it was under contract. Thank you.