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I had two charges against my cc by iTunes on 1/25/13. I first changed my password, I emailed Apple support. They responded back, and it stoped there. I then used the live chat. I got excellent response there. They advised it appeared that someone used my cc to set up a new account. They advised that the funds would be credited back to the bank. They blocked the cc, and I reset my account to no payment. I called the bank, and stopped the card.  The thing that I find strange, any change you make to the account via Apple support, you have to enter you security questions, and security number on the back of the cc. I do not think someone could create a new account just with the cc alone, they would have to have the security code. I never got the standard email stating the iTunes purshases. I did get an email stating my address information had changed, but again you should not be able to do that without the three digit security number. In the future, I will use a prepaid cc, or an iTunes gift card. I would also advise you to change your password often, and make it hard. There are enough pw apps out there to use. I cannot recall any pw that I use, I had to go into my pw app just to sign in here. It is a pain, but may stop future problems.

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    I am another victim of credit card fraud from buying an iPad from the online Apple Store.

    I bought an iPad mini from the online store 1/7/13 with an AMEX Business Platinum Card.

    A fraudulent charge of $875 appeared 1/15/13.

    The card had not been used by me for any transaction since the Apple Store purchase, and was used more than 6 months prior to the purchase.


    Thanks for the tight security, Apple!

    **All Mac since 1984!**

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    I have a gut feeling bad employee. I have never had a problem, and have been an Apple customer for a long time. I do not want to accuse an employee, but in the best companies, it happens. I wish Apple could give me an IP address, or where the products were shipped to, but they are not allowed to do that. I only use iTunes gift card, or a prepaid cc now, and keep the balence very low. One of my charges was too high for an app, and had to be merchandise. I now also will change my iTunes password on a regular basis. Jetpuffed, try the online chat with Apple support. I got the best service by doing that. Good luck.