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i had thought that i extricated myself from the morass that was MM but now find myself with non-synced contacts on all three of my devices with the only device showing the same number of contacts as iCloud being my Mac Pro.


this means that i have THREE different counts for the number of contacts in my various devices and it is basically impossible for me to remember what was entered on which device and when.


is there some way out of this?


is iCloud Contact sync as unreliable as my MM contact sync or am i just doing something extremely stupid?





MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), with 64 bit Win7 Boot Camp | iCloud
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    They are not all in the iCloud account, ensure to count only the iCloud account (not on my phone, or on my mac, or on anything that does not say iCloud as its account name)


    The reference is, what you see there is all that is on iCloud.

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    hey man.


    MobileMe sync for me was just a total disaster over two and a half years. i finally got unhooked and am on iCloud but i don't understand your answer.


    i don't have any contacts on my devices other than what is syncing with iCloud (for instance my Mac Pro and my MBP all say "iCloud" in Address Book and Contacts respectively and there is no listing for On My Mac whatsoever).


    also, shouldn't all the contacts on my iPhone be synced with iCloud if i have checked this option?


    i don't understand why i have to spend so much time troubleshooting this. i just spent about an hour and 45 minutes trying to fix this with advanced apple technicians and it is still not solved.


    what am i missing. this is unworkable to spend this much time on such a simple need over three years.

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    You can continue complaining vociferously or slow down enough to hear an explanation.


    Open your phone, in contacts see how many accounts there are, isolate the iCloud account (hint: do not select All Contacts) and then compare it with the website (not another device), If you migrated from MM then I would bet that you do have On My Phone and/or On my Mac accounts, look for them.


    If you can't or won't do that go to an Aple Store and let them do it for you.

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    hi csound.


    i am on 6.1 on the iphone and i only see "All Contacts" i don't see any iCloud account listed. also, while i am on Lion on the Mac Pro and Mountain Lion on the MBP and i know there may be some differences in these two as it pertains to iCloud, i am currently doing an /extended/ troubleshoot of this with advanced mac technical on the phone. there appears to be some issue with iCloud where syncing does not occur or somehow is forced to occur (as in turning off a sync in Settings > ICloud), closing settings and then re-opening settings and having the option magically checked again.


    i've done this kind of misery in MM and i am hoping to get is solved here soon.


    in the meantime there also appears to be a problem getting my Notes back to sycing so i have simply moved these to notational velocity for at least the time being.


    with the laptop i have and these sync issues i can't take much more i am afraid and will have to figure out a way to intelligently minimize the time i spend on this kind of thing.


    i can't even get a capture data to complete on the laptop so they can send the issue to the developers...

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    hotwheels 22 wrote:


    hi csound.


    i am on 6.1 on the iphone and i only see "All Contacts" i don't see any iCloud account listed. also,

    There is one iCloud database and one only, you can see what it contains by going to, unlike your phone and your Mac the iCloud website ONLY contains cards from the iCloud account.


    Go there, that is the iCloud account. Your phone and your Mac can also contain local contacts, to check for that (On Your Mac) sign out of iCloud. All contacts that remain on your Mac are NOT in the iCloud account, they are in On My Mac.


    Do the same for the phone.

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    icloud is syncing to mac pro and not syncing to iphone or macbook pro which both have fewer contacts than the cloud/mac pro.


    no amount of logging out or in of icloud solves any problems for the mbp or the iphone and in the case of the mbp it actually will /delete/ all the icloud contacts...

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    1 Are all 3 clients signed into the same iCloud account?

    2 What is the OS version on the Mac Pro

    3 The MBP contacts will be deleted, but not from iCloud, sign back in and they will return.


    Have you got any form of backup.

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    1. yes

    2. ML

    3. that may be the case but if the number of contacts don't match (i.e. are less) than what is on the cloud and what is on the phone is less then it is not syncing.

    plus unchecking an item should stay unchecked in any normal operation and not magically show up checked again after reopening settings!


    yes, thanks. fwiw recovering /notes/ from a backup can supposedly only be done from a time machine backup...

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    Do you have a backup, yes or no.

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    yes. time machine and ccc. but i am troubleshooting it with mac and given the issue with notes etc etc it feels like a larger set of problems...

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    Sign out. Get a count of the local contacts, sign in.

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    i can't. we've been doing this and i've been asked to stay logged out and run capture datas.

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    thanks. hoping to report back with something productive at some point...

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