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I just updated my AppleTV 3 to 5.2 and tried to pair my bluetooth Apple keyboard, but nothing is happening.  I've tried restarting the AppleTV, making sure all of my keyboard setting are set correctly (including being discoverable), and restarting the actual keyboard.  The closest I've gotten to success is if I turn off my keyboard, and then turn it back on while holding the "On" button for a few seconds longer--then the keyboard pops up under Devices and gives me the option to Pair.  When I select that option--I get the little daisy wheel for awhile, and then the keyboard listed under Devices disappears again.  A quick check to see if the keyboard is working proves that no long term connection has be made.  (Oh, and just in case--yes the batteries are fully charged).  What I'm curious about, is there a step by step procedure that I'm supposed to be doing to make this work?  It seems like it shouldn't be this hard.