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    Will have to try that later. iPad is not here at the moment.

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    Hi WZZZ:


    Sorry, but I didn't see your note until just now. I don't get email notifications in the threads in which I participate, I simply try to follow along in the "My Content" widget in my ASC preferences.


    Anyway, you've been given a lot of good information here and I think that you probably get it now, but maybe to help clarify a couple of things....


    iTunes 11 for Mac: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone and iPad.


    OK - thanks for the heads up ckuan!


    EDIT - Hold down on the option key and drag the Backup folder to the desktop in order to copy it.

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    Demo, your link is back to this discussion.

    Hi ho and round and round we go.

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    Duh!! Thank You for pointing that out to me. All fixed now.

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    Thanks all. Still trying to sort all of this out. I did copy the backup from ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync to another location, which I suppose takes a "snapshot" of things as of when the copy is saved. Since it's not in the default location, I wonder if Restore will, if it ever becomes necessary, give me a "browse" option to select it, or would it have to be moved back to the default location, where it will replace whatever is the current Backup?


    (There is no way to copy the backup directly from iTunes>Preferences>Devices.)


    Looks like if this works I can continue to make these kinds of snapshots, regardless whether backups happen automatically when syncing occurs.

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    I think you have to copy it back to the same location you got it from.

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    You just copied the folder to the desktop. You didn't actually move it out of its default location. And that backup that you copied, cannot be overwritten now because iTunes can't find it. Its not where it needs to be for iTunes to use it. You simply made a copy of your current backup, that's all and put it on the desktop.


    The next time that you backup, you will create a new backup in the default folder and the backup in the MobileSync folder will be overwritten. If you want to use the backup that you copied to the desktop, you have to swap that folder with the folder in the default location if you want to restore from the copied backup.

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    Before troubleshooting a backup issue, make sure you have recently backed up a copy of your backup. You can copy the backup folder to a safe place, such as your desktop or to an external hard drive. iTunes places the backup files in the following locations:


        Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/


    Do you mean copy it back to the default location if you want to restore?

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    If you want to use the backup that you copied to the desktop, you have to swap that folder with the folder in the default location if you want to restore from the copied backup.

    That exactly answers my question about needing to move it back to the default location in case of a Restore. What I thought it might be. Thanks for the info.

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    You can make things easy on yourself by going into Backup, change the extension on the latest backup, then change the extension of the backup you WANT to use to the extension the latest backup had before you changed it.  That is the copy iTunes will then use to do the backup.  All you are doing is lying to the system about what is the newest backup so it will use the file you want it to use.


    All of this is easiest if you opem Terminal (in Utilities) and use cd to the Backup folder.  You can then very simply change the extensions as above.


    I keep Terminal on the Dock so I can open it whenever I need to work directly with files or want to see what processes are running if something is causing problems.

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    Thanks Ralph, but I'm kind of confused here. What extension are you talking about? For the Backup folder, I'm just seeing a long string, not an extension. It wouldn't have an extension since it's a folder. Did you mean that string?


    If I do locate the file extension you mean, use mv to change it? Any preferred extension, or does that not matter? Perhaps an example?


    Also, that string appears to remain the same from one backup to the next.


    This is the screenshot I already posted, which shows  some of the individual files comprising the Backup. (They don't appear to be in date order.) Those are the only files relating to the Backup I'm aware of. Did you mean those? I thought they were all needed for any given backup.


    Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 10.50.21 AM.png

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    Hi WZZZ, I have to wait to get home and see what is in the Backup folder on my one time I thought the files had extensions so the iTunes backup program could find the latest file to use...will have to look again and see what is in there.  Once upon a time in a related discussion the point was made to renaime the files, that is change the extension to the format indicating the latest.


    But, I need to look and see what is being done by the latest iTunes version.

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    By the way, if you open Terminal, then at the prompt type:


    ls -l ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/


    you will get a listing of the exact names of all of the backup files in chronological order.

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    In Preferences - devices - I simply choose my iPad or iPhone and tick the box...

    Prevent iPods (etc) from syncing automatically

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    Hello, you say that the backups are here

    Capture d’écran 2014-01-07 à 18.30.17.png
    on my mac -Mavericks 10.9.1 I can't find that path...
    This is what I get. Could you help me ?
    Capture d’écran 2014-01-07 à 18.21.57.png