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I am not sure if this is the right place to post but i would like some assistance. I have a 2010 Mac Book Pro 13" which I upgraded to Lion. I was having issues with my Laptop and was advised to replace y Hard Drive before it crashed. I swapped it for a WD 500GB HD. I begin to install my OSX Install DVD but I realized I can not find it. I tried using my sisters DVD Install disk but every time I went in to the boot screen it prompted me to restart the laptop it kept repeating that step. Then my laptop asked if i wanted to use Internet recovery. I followed the steps...partioned  my SATA with Disk Utility and then the following instruction was to Reinstall OS X, that i would be asked to download and restore OS X, your computer's eligibility will be verified with apple.....I hit ok and then it starts to load or connect but the same msg keeps popping up..."An error occurred while preparing the installation. try running this application again."....I am not sure what to do i have my laptop connected to an Ethernet cable so i know its not the connectivity issue in my end.. any help would be appreciated.

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    Mac OS X

    Lion and Mountain Lion are usually downloads, and not generally on physical media.  


    Not all Mac systems are enabled for Internet RecoveryHere is a list of the supported systems.  The Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 13" systems are supported, so your hardware should work.  Which implies a problem with your local or upstream network connection, or with Apple's servers.


    Given your network appears to be having problems (or Apple's servers are overloaded or flaky), you can use that other Mac to build an external boot disk (a recovery disk) using the recovery disk assistant), and then boot and install from that; more details.


    It's also possible to generate a bootable DVD yourself, if the other Mac has a Lion or Mountain Lion download available, and a DVD drive that can record DVD media.  Details on that sequence are posted at various sites; run a web search for the "InstallESD.dmg" discussions.  Here's a CNET discussion for Lion, if that's what you were running.


    In general, I'd recommend always having a backup, and also always having a local boot disk option available.  Yes, these are obvious now, but these sorts of mistakes tend to catch most everybody — myself included — sooner or later.