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  • bkwdesign Level 1 (0 points)

    One more sample from my Diagnistics log (found under Settings > About). This file was titled 'Low Memory' with a date.


    Incident Identifier: 04B123A9-7D88-4CB4-AFB1-0DF1AF84B86B

    CrashReporter Key: 37e1c155df69f6185e0ccf9ca1c70ec7473601a1

    Hardware Model: iPhone3,1

    OS Version: iPhone OS 5.0.1 (9A405)

    Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel Version 11.0.0: Tue Nov 1 20:33:58 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1878.4.46~1/RELEASE_ARM_S5L8930X

    Date: 2013-03-16 09:14:48 -0400

    Time since snapshot: 76 ms


    Free pages: 1212

    Wired pages: 19253

    Purgeable pages: 55

    Largest process: Facebook



    Name UUID Count resident pages

    CommCenterMobile 271

    awd_ice3 <9116d4efd29031d5b26955692f84998d> 439

    syncdefaultsd 533

    CVMServer 117

    MobileSlideShow 3910

    Skype <25a2046f841736dd84b4f632167dd237> 1117

    VoiceMemos 2341

    MobileNotes <53ff805c06ec3aa785e0c0e98b5900b1> 2244 (jettisoned)

    Facebook 11437 (jettisoned)

    calaccessd 489

    MobileCal 1820 (jettisoned)

    SCHelper 130

    Music~iphone <18bda5f883623f3a8f78902464292fe0> 944

    ColorLEDFlashlig 5034

    MobileSMS <6a6b60b6b2b5361981c7cc4c21929d84> 3183

    MobileSafari <586de8c153f93939a9f42bec9d0d8bfd> 9289

    Preferences <728940c1d8973227ab2adca0eb654432> 1245

    Camera <88291709452932ac9cbd0f1c06902214> 2697

    MobilePhone 3089

    MobileMail <7064f2baf3f23db987bc8ec99855fe53> 6607

    networkd <6ee7a78e56073f6e8db4c2cc3265fdb4> 167

    aosnotifyd <58089d732ab43bbea0aec4a6f812f446> 449

    BTServer 325

    aggregated <68a25a1690cb372096543a46abed14d7> 367

    apsd 308

    awdd <1cc9a098c3e63878bf779ccac7c08f0d> 280

    dataaccessd 1211

    fairplayd.N90 188

    fseventsd <78af02202422321885dfc85c24534b0e> 170

    iapd <3ee7f82879033b4fb93b9cf1f4ecae29> 376

    imagent <8e2042f2ec9e3af9ba400f031f1bbfa7> 685

    mDNSResponder 268

    mediaremoted 259

    mediaserverd <478e5e8345c83be5ba1868906813bb75> 1504

    ubd <7eaf0b0ca5b83afabecb0dfaa38c7a19> 875

    wifid 427

    locationd <91c84ab19dd03e4ab1b4cc30178ab1c0> 1316

    powerd <25ddef6b52e4385b819e777dd2eeed3c> 157

    lockdownd 258

    CommCenterClassi <3ef6d0094b5c39d3b77e558ad3018d24> 782

    syslogd 102

    SpringBoard <7506c20d86da3f1dbe9bf38f8bda253d> 11156 (active)

    configd <3430c0025ed13f56800a329b7254d2ae> 554

    notifyd <3793fabace3a385687b3c29c1fa1fcac> 250

    UserEventAgent <6e1cabc1ec6d372c90a6bdeaa7b258fa> 399

    launchd 108



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    I made it a record 17 days with no problems but over the past 48 hours my phone has increasingly died at 18%, 23%, 29%. Same pattern as always. No apps running, using it for simple tasks, texting and phone calls, no warning, just dying. I only have my contacts, 1 email account, my music, and my facebook account. It started acting up 3 days after I added the facebook app. I deleted the app from the phone and it did not change anything, it still died at 29%.


    This is my fourth iphone 4S. I have no other ideas. Apple does not help me when I go into their store. All they do is replace the phone.


    Has anyone found any solution to this problem?

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    Exact same problem. Tried updating to iOS6.1.3 (Cheers, even worse battery drain that the last few updates) and a full restore. Keeps happening. Yesterday was at 48%, took me 5 minutes to restart. I have apps on there like a bus ticket, so this nis costing me money when it happens.


    I did pop into an Apple store, but as the phone is 14 months old, they want me to pay to replace. Which is disgusting. I've already been hit with the power button issue (seen over 100 complaints about it on the net, yet Apple say not a HW problem) and lost everything during the update from iOS5 to iOS6 (whats the point in an ota update that requires a pc connection straight away?)


    Any solutions? Due to the shoddy service and rip off pricing, I'll be leaving the iPhone after many years, but as I have 10 months on a contract, help would be nice.

  • bkwdesign Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 4 (16 GB) has been somewhat better since I turned off the diagnostics logging.

    However, it hasn't been perfect. So, I have no culprit to blame just yet.


    My wife bought her iPhone 4 (identical model as mine) on the same day, same sales rep.

    She lets the kids on it all the time.. no big deal to have a zillion apps running on hers.. she's never really experienced this problem. She does have to use the software version of the 'home' button - as her button seems worn out.


    She is having problems with her latest update to the Facebook app.. but.. it's not shutting the phone down.


    The other thing that I have done to my iPhone, recently, that seems to have had a positive effect .. is that I've deleted a ton of pictures off of it.


    If the "Usage" screen can be believed, I currently have 1.6 GB available and 12.1 GB used.

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    I've been having a similar issue, since this past Sunday my battery indicator shows full 100% battery life but it never changes! I didn't notice it at first bu then my phone just shut off, when I tried to restart it, it gave me the "battery drained plug me in sign". I plugged it in and the same thing has been happening since.


    Today I unplugged it (around 630am)after a night of recharging and here it is 2:11pm and it still shows 100%.


    What gives!

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    This just started happening to me as of late. My iphone 4s keeps shutting off automatically. It has been shutting down at around 32% everytime. It shows me that the my battery is completely dead because it shows me the battery empty with the little red bar of battery left and the charge symbol.


    When it does charge to 100%, i unplug it. Today, my phone stayed at 100% for a good amount of time, and then it drains battery so fast! Lately my phone battery has been draining supper fast.


    I know restoring my phone could possibly help, but i'm not sure if it is worth the risk to lose all my data on my phone. Because what if it doesn't work? I've had my phone for a little more than a year.


    I have the latest updates and everything. It also seems to charge back to full 100% pretty fast, but it may just be like that always

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    Mine was going off always at 5% and a few times randomly at around 20%...

    As I had extended AppleCare, over the phone I was told to restore using the "recovery mode" procedure but that didnt help...

    Apple then replaced the phone and all seems back to normal for the last 4 days - the battery goes all the way down to 1%...

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    Still no solution.  On my 5th phone, same problem started back up within a couple weeks (this time we left the SIM card out and it didn't make any difference, ruled that out at least).  All the Apple Store does is listen to my issue and then hand me a new phone.  Sometimes I think they just give me one of my phones back because it's a little ironic that his has happened to 5 phones, all set up 5 different ways. 


    The only solution I've found that has worked is when your phone dies, leave it off for awhile (it will eventually reset back to 0%).  Plug it in and check if it's down to 0%.  If it is, let it charge back up to 100% (may take a couple hours to recharge, that's a good sign).  The problem will continue, but it's at least a temporary fix to get you by with no problems for a few weeks.  Will need to repeat this whenever the problem starts up again.  This has been the only thing that has worked for me, no full restore or anything Apple Support has suggested has worked. 


    Good luck everyone, if anyone figures anything out please let us all know!

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    The company did not respond about it until now?

    She does not follow the issues of their own discussion forum?

    My phone started to exhibit the same problem this week ...

  • afmo74 Level 1 (0 points)

    I found this comment:


    I posted earlier about noticing  much better battery life when using my computer to charge the phone, i  decided to try to figure out why this was. I also notice i started  having battery issues after i charged my phone using my ipad power  adapter. When using this adapter and then my iphone adapter the battery  on my 4s would charge very fast, but the battery would also die very  fast. Charging through the computer charges the battery slower and it  lasts much longer.


    Here are the power adapter specs:

    iPad output = 5.1v 2.1A

    iPhone 4S output = 5v 1A

    Computer USB output = 0.5A (500mA)


    I also have a car charger, not sure of the output of that yet.


    My  thinking is this, is it possible at one point (or currently) we used a  charger that was putting out a output higher than what was  rated/designed for the phone and this caused damage to the battery  (temporary or permenant). I think its important that we note what power  adapter we use/have used with charging the phone.


    In  my case using the ipad adapter with 2.1v output may have damaged my  battery since the 4s adapter has an output of only 1v. By using my  computer with 0.5v output has greatly improved my battery life, i  haven't gone back to the 4s outlet adapter yet.


    I  highly encourage everyone to drain there battery down to 0% and then  charge to 100% through the computer, a few times, and see if his  improves your battery life.


    Also if you are xperiencing battery issues please note how you are charging your phone, with what adapter(s).


    Thank You,


    font: 16702007




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    I have an iPhone 4, with the latest iOS possible. It decided to join "the clup of random battery terror" 2 days ago. It turns off at %20, %30 etc. Actually, this is very interesting because it happens to the 3gs and varying iOS versions. I have 3 more friends with the same problem. Waiting for a serious solution.


    Cute tip: Hold home+power for a couple of seconds to turn on your phone. It will let you do some short tasks, but then it dies again.


    Sometimes I miss the older non-smart phones.

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    For what it's worth, as an update to my prior comments on this thread.. my iPhone 4 seems to be behaving better these days. I wish I could tell you the one thing that got better, but I don't have much of a clue.


    I myself am a software developer, and, I know how rolling out an "update" to one of my applications is a mixed blessing.. my end-users like the new features, but, if I wasn't careful, I can easily "break" functionality that they relied on. Thus, my outlook on software updates is very cynical. So, I can tell you this much.. I NEVER UPDATE ANY OF MY APPS when I have a phone that works to my liking. The only app I really updated over time was my "Facebook" app. If there were others, I cannot recall.


    Another funny thing.. my wife's worn out HOME button is starting to work again.. so.. we disabled the soft-HOME button (which was a glorious thing to get off the screen)

  • afmo74 Level 1 (0 points)

    It is simply absurd for a company like Apple does not provide a definitive solution to this problem! I've tried everything, everything! And the machine will continue to reduce wasteful consumption of battery on and off at 35% battery indicated. And I can not believe that to "optimize" the battery life I have to disable a number of services or functions of the cell's most advanced twenty-first century.

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    My iPhone 4S was/is shutting down when unplugged, shutting down randomly at different percentages, just being a big pain. I'd lose a call with my deployed husband and have to start back up many times. Although I stream music at work most of the day, it wasn't an issue before...


    Anyway, I called Verizon and the tech told me that using chargers that are not Apple could be an issue. But I didn't really count on that. And having Apple run a diagnostic just wasn't on the top of my list considering the drive, and the fact that most of you have had the diagnostic with no answers.


    A forum on Verizon's site had a comment from a user about going into Settings>Safari>Clear History and wow! In the past 30 minutes I went from 20ish% to 46%! Not sure if many of you browse the net often on your phones, if you don't then maybe transfer photos to your computer and turn off alot of location services along with clearing the history. But at least give it a try, and let me know if it works!



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    I don't think it will work, because people got brand new phones and the problem consists. I think we are doing something in common that causes the iPhone to misbehave in terms of battery calibration.


    Maybe the cause the plug we are using to charge the battery...I don't know. I really don't know. But I'm seriously thinking about getting an android phone. They are more customizable, iPhone is have a sturdy OS but little any problem is almost unsolvable. If it was android, we could use a battery calibration app and solve the problem....or we can try a friends battery etc