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  • MzLTSmith Level 1 Level 1

    Hello all....I know this is an old post but I too had this very same problem and found a solution that works to what was causing the problem for me....



    I remember when I first got the phone I charged it to 100% and then used it for the day but it only was at 38% by the end of the day..I would stick it back on the would charge to 100% and I would leave it charging till next morning....Then at work I would use it for a while and it would get down to 70% by lunch and I would stick it back on the charger to bring it back to 100%....I kept doing this for about 2 weeks and then noticed that when I would use it at home and watch netflix or something that drained the battery quickly it would die at 41%...I would charge it back up and it would come up at the same percentage that it died at....this kept happened but at random percentages...but it would never go down to 1%...I then started noticing that when it charges back to 100% it does not go to 99% or lower for at least an hour of heavy usage when usually it is supposed to start dropping only after 5 or 10 mins or less of usage...I did some research online too and read someones blog that the batteries have built in memory so whatever percentage you are at when you charge your phone back up, is where you phone thinks you are "out of battery"....and in turn will die out when you reach that percentage...Which also explains why it stays at 100% for an hour...the battery is probably looking at the 41% as 0% and therefore it stays at 100% for an hour because it was actually dropping percentage in the battery memory and by the time it dropped to 99% the actual percentage is 58% full....We see 99% full battery on the phone but the actual battery percentage is 58% full....So it dies at what we see as 41% but the actual battery percentage is 0%....



    You need to let your phone charge all the way to 100% (do not use it at all during this time) and then once it gets to 100% unplug it right away and do not let it "overcharge". Then you must use your phone all the way down till it gets to 1% or even let it die off. Then recharge to full capacity and use till it gets to 1%. It took me a while because the battery was all whacked. I had to charge it to 100%, unplug right away, then let it die would still dies at 41%, then 30% then at 17% and then lower to 8% and then eventually I got it down to 1%....Key is to not charge during the day when the phone still has battery power...wait till it gets down to 1%...


    I have been successful doing it this way and now my phone does not die out till it gets to 1%.....except one night when I was ready to go to bed but my phone had 7% left on it...I did not want it to die on me because i use it as my alarm clock so I just charged it at the 7%....I used my phone the next day all the way and when it got to 7% it died on me....that was the first time that had happened in months since I started doing it the new way....I charged it back up fully used it again the next day and it dropped back down to 1% I was glad it did not start acting up and proves the theory of the battery memory.....


    Just make sure you do not keep charging your phone back to 100% until you have drained the battery to 1% or completely dead.....


    I hope this post helps a lot of people out there...I know I would have been grateful to come across a post like this....GOOD LUCK ALL!!!

  • Rosie in Florida Level 1 Level 1

    I have this same problem with random shutdowns. I've had my iPhone 4s for a little over a year, am not a heavy user, rarely use apps, and have Verizon. No problems until starting 2 weeks ago. Shuts down when in use and also when not in use. Shown battery life seems to not always correlate with actual. Goes from 49% to 3% overnight when not in use for 8 hours. After the first shut down I assumed I'd drained the battery. I charged my phone overnight and when I turned it on in the morning it said battery was at 7%!  I charged it a little longer and it registered 100%. After reading this thread I am still at a loss as to the cause.

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    Hi all - I have experienced the same problems - Iphone4 keeps trying to shut down about every thirty seconds (phone lights up and slide to turn off appears)- cutting me off mid call and generally making the phone impossible to use. I just removed ICloud and Dropbox, all the apps and all music and the phone now works perfectly again. Glitches in their pointless (ICloud and Dropbox) software I expect. Been fine for 20 mins now - I will slowly add what I removed to try to root out the culprit.

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    I have also been having a similar problem my iphone4 can charge for hours and the percentage doesn't move from 5% its also constantly turning its self on and off some times it kinda fades out I did a restore and it fixed it for a few days and now its doing it all over again I have had a new battery put in it and everything its driving me insane

  • Rosie in Florida Level 1 Level 1

    I did restore twice. Did nothing except lose all of my preferances. While recharging my phone also constantly turns itself off and on and does not show battery charge level while charging. After the latest iOS upgrade battery charge showed accurately for one cycle, then back to unchanging. To know my real charge level I have to turn phone completely off then on again. I've only had this phone 1 1/2 years!

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    I've been having the same issue for several months as well. The phone will cut off when the battery is at a high percentage (this morning it cut off at 92%). When I press and hold the power button the dead battery symbol comes on the screen. When I plug the phone in the battery symbold indicates the battery is still at the high percentage. I've been to the Verizon store several times and they always say they don't know what's causing the problem. They had me reset the phone; when that didn't work they sent me a replacement phone. The second phone started having the same problems. They had me update to ios 7 and update all the apps, and of course it didn't solve the problem. They're sending me phone #3 now. I asked if it could be an issue with the SIM card since that was transferred from the first or second phone and was told no. They're trying to get me to pay for insurance to extend the warrenty. If anyone figures out what the problem is please let us all know!

  • Rosie in Florida Level 1 Level 1

    I tried draining battery to shut down and recharging to 100% and it did not help   I have done reset twice and restore (lost eveything by doing so) once without success.  Phone still doesn't show battery usage correctly or charge % while charging, continues turning itself off and on while charging. 

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    Mac OS X

    i am having same problem lately with my Iphone 5 and IOS7. I see my phone gets very hot when using the camera or the gps apps. but even when I turn the camera off as well as GPS, the drainage is growing and when it gets to 24% it shuts down !!!! dead, I connected to the usb cable and it started but showed 0%.... very frustrating indeed !!!! would I be experiencing same issues with the new 5S I ordered already ??



    is there something wrong with the camera ??

  • Nunostone Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Rosie, I had the same problem with my iPhone 5. Was about to go to the Apple store when I realised that it wasn't charging properly as there was pocket lint in the socket on the phone, thus perventing the plug to be plugged properly. Once cleaned the problem disappeared completely. Hope this helps.

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    Mac OS X

    Good morning - I just replaced my Iphone 5 with a new or refurbished device - I noticed in the "old" one the e-mailapp - native iphone mail app connected to both Gmail and my exchange server - set on PUSH - was constantlychecking for new mail - you could actually see the line in the bottom of screen jumping like crazy - trying to check for a new mail constantly - so could this have been the result of the drainage and the over heating ??!!!





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    I had this exact problem with my iPhone 4S. I read on here that the iPhone thinks that there is more power left in the battery than there actually is. A reset of the iPhone (hold power and home until apple appears) seemed to correct this and the iPhone went all the way down to 1% before it shut off. This simple operation made the iPhone work properly again.

  • Hanani Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I just talked to a service guy asked about the PUSH option - he told me Apple recomand to set up to PULL with 15 minutes intervals - and told me even if I get an email in between - it  wil lsurface eventhough it is set to PULL. not sure it is true - checking....

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    leave your phone charged over night and when you wake up the battery should be normal. it worked for me and i didn't have problems the next morning.

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    On Nov. 17 my phone with the incorrect battery charge issues showed an iOS update was available that "resolved issues."  So I updated.  Part way through the update I got the image showing I should connect the phone to iTunes.  Once connected to iTunes it showed my phone needed to be "restored' (again.)  Then I got the message that the phone could NOT be restored.  Now I have nothing!!!  Since none of anyone's suggestions helped and now my phone is dead I think it must be a lemon.  I'm giving up on it and sending it to Apple.  It's a good thing I never threw out my old flip phone.  I reactivated it.  Not a smart phone, but it's reliable.

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    Thanks for the post! I will certainly give it a try! Allow me a remark without deminishing any of the merit of your post: I am afraid this is only a workaround, not a solution. The solution would be something that stops this behavior of the device, wihout changing our charging habits. Of course this should come from Apple. Again: great post, and I am very thankful that finally someone have come up with something useful!