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I transferred my itunes media folder to an external drive so I could save space on my PC.  Some time after I did this, I found a folder still itunes still on my PC.

Inside it had a folder called Album Artwork that was filled with files I could not open, but I assume belong to the songs I had moved.  There are also other files in this PC folder that have moblie apps, previous itunes libraries, as well as a few items listed as itunes database files and a bunch of .tmp files.


Did I do something wrong in moving my songs?

I cannot understand why all of this data still exists on my PC when I had moved the media folder to another hard drive.

When I try to get artwork for new songs, they go still to this PC folder.  Can anyone offer me any guidance?



Windows XP
Solved by diesel vdub on Jan 28, 2013 6:28 PM Solved

What specifically was moved?  If the goal was to move the iTunes library, then the ENTIRE iTunes folder needs to be moved.

Reply by diesel vdub on Jan 28, 2013 6:39 PM Helpful

Yes, that's correct.

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