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    People of Apple is there a way that someone respond for our ruined iphones or we have to keep the phones with less than a half of the battery life that you promised in the adversitements,,,,,, i feel robbed!!!

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    after update battery stated going down faster.  normally I woild be 60 to 70 % left at end of work.  after update it was at 35%   whats going on.  I need to go back to 6.0.2.  anyone know how?

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    I found out that one reason for my iPhone being busy is the fact that it is restoring the pictures in "Photo"


    So whatever happens seems to be an error on that side.


    Strange thought that the useage Status keeps telling me the Same time for standby/useage as in my previous post.


    Please, any Apple staff here -> help is appriciated.

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    And to everybody mourning about being robbed -> this is a software Problem. Occuring because someone made a mistake. Yes, it is hard to believe, but those guys at Apple are humans, too.


    So we Need to give helpful Information so that the bug can be traced And the error corrected.





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    Never really had battery issues with the iPhone 5 but I do use T-mobile & they don't have LTE up yet. Most of the time I'm either on Edge/3g/wifi.

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    For everyone who has been having issues after upgrading to iOS 6.1, I wanted to share my experience here. Just like a lot of other people here, I was also having serious battery drain issues after upgrading to iOS 6.1 from iOS 6.0.2. I was seeing a drain of 20% in 2 hrs with no usage at all - the only thing running in the background was IMO messenger. I had not spent any time on the phone nor did I text a lot.


    Here is how I fixed it -

    I went into iTunes and backed up my data first - then did a restore and deleted everything from my phone, including apps. I set up the phone as a new phone, and installed iOS 6.1 again from scratch. Then manually downloaded all the apps. I did not restore ANYTHING from backup. After that I charged my phone until it reached 100% and then went to bed.


    After 9 hrs the battery had not even gone down 1%. Right now my battery is at 25%, and it shows that the phone has been used for 5 hrs and standby for 24 hrs. Not bad at all.

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    This morning I posted a writeup on how the 6.1 went when doing it tethered via USB to iTunes on a Mac and using a local (not iCloud) backup. Also mentioned that doing it this way left behind an extremely detailed log of the proceedings on the Mac.


    Well, after perusing this thread again, then going back and examining my upgrade log, I think I have an idea why some of us have had equal or improved battery life in the first few hours post-upgrade, while others have seen the device drain away. The key, it would seem, is the kind of backup you have: iCloud vs. local.


    You see, the upgrade wipes the phone absolutely clean. A Restore is mandatory after completion, else you'd have a totally blank phone and all users would be screaming bloody murder. Where it gets the stuff for the restore causes the battery longevity issues.


    When using a local storage, EVERYTHING on the phone gets saved. Every little bit. So Restore is merely an act of copying all back, at USB speed. Furthermore, iTunes tells you to wait till the phone comes back online (post-Restore) before unplugging it. All this is supported by the log I got as a bonus.


    When I was reviewing what iCloud storage offered, they clearly state that only "the most important data" is placed in the cloud. Naturally, Apple will only give us the bare minimum to store only irreplaceable data. Stuff that can be recomputed, like thumbnails, indexes, etc., are left out. So, when you upgraded OTA only the barebones data went in the cloud, and then fetched back at the end. THEN the phone had to chug along for quite awhile to reconstruct the rest of the stuff. The bigger the photo collection, the larger the song lists, the longer the contacts, the more the phone had to do. And there goes the battery.


    Maybe someone who hasn't upgraded and plans to do so OTA can make sure to have an app like Device Doctor installed, where you can measure CPU workload and the number of processes. Check it before the upgrade and immediately after to confirm whether the phone is chugging away like a maniac or not.

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    I am totally lost with the IP5 battery issues.....really disappointed and sad, a premier high end phone could offer such horrible battery life. 


    Notwithstanding that so that the 6.1 upgrade does not cater to majority of users.  I would says that 90% of users will not feel any different in their phone....accept folks in the USA


    How can Apple expect users to use APPS and buy movies and music, when the most fundimental issues are not resolved.  You can have excellent Apps, but if the battery cannot last....what is the point


    Really mad. I can't use my Iphone....It is critical that my phone must last at least 1 full day without charges otherwise it is going to affect my business.


    So, should we wait for hope for another update....guess not


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    Does it really help?  I tried it when with 6.02 but find it does not really help.......

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    It did help in my case - here are the latest stats for the battery.


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    I am pretty confident that in a day or two, after steady state has been regained and 6.1 settled in, we are going to be uniformly seeing improved battery life. Can't vouch for all, but at least on the i5's (upgrades are customarily targeted for and tested on the latest models).

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    1 day and 1 hour with 4++hrs of usage..looks more like what I have for you consider that GOOD, FAIR????


    I assumed mine 6.1 will not be even close.


    Still, 1 day and 4hours usage is kind of lousy for a preimer phone.  Apple should have gotten IP5 better mHz it the battery.

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    Its much better than what I was getting before - 20% drain in just 2 hours without doing ANYTHING at all to the phone. I agree, it could have been better, but it is what it is. I found an increase in battery life after I reset the phone, thats a fact. Whether the battery life can be improved further, I don't know.

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    "All this is supported by the log I got as a bonus".


    What log?  Was there supposed to be a log notifying that you have upgraded?  I did not received any thing.  Should I just reset everything but I do not want to go thru the hassle of reinstalling all my Apps and all my contacts are lost.


    If there is a really huge difference on battery life, then I will do it, however, I heard some folks did notexperience any difference.


    Your thoughts?

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