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  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    I like your positive attitude....perhaps I should learn that too.

  is pointless that no improvement has been made to my phone.  It is 4pm here and my phone is @ 20%....with 6.02 it was at least 40% (with 1 charge in between lunch).


    Just hope that Apple will not neglect us considering IP5s or 6 is coming in mid 2013.  And lets hope the next update will include fix for batteries.


    Guess I have swallow the pill.

  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    BTW,  Does RESET (Erase all content & Settings) same as using Itune.  Don't know if it will improve battery

  • Maggie3000 Level 1 Level 1

    Improvements from my side. In the first place I did the OTA update on my phone.


    Yesterday I did the following (nearly the same as 'bugfreak' did, except i restored from backup):

    1. Local backup of my phone via iTunes

    2. Restore with downloading the full 6.1 update (approx. 1GB)

    3. Restored the phone from backup

    4. fully charged it and left it unplugged over night


    Now its 12pm and here are my stats:


    2,5 hrs usage and 15 hrs standby, still 71%. Looks good so far.


    I will now wait until the phone is fully drained and shuts down, then fully recharge it. Maybe it helps to calibrate the battery and will result in even more improvement...

  • Michael Ginsberg Level 3 Level 3

    Here is what my first day looked like.  This isn't outstanding, BUT it is much better then I received before iOS 6.1


    WiFi On.  BlueTooth on for 30 minutes.  Screen at 50%.



  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Maggie3000,


    Your Iphone must be MADE IN GERMANY.


    What outstanding specs


    Mind is pathetic !!!


    Really horrible..Even Micheal's spec is excellent.... I am not kidding


  • Dr.ertsev Level 1 Level 1

    Nothing good in new 6.1. Now I go to 1% in 5 hours. On 6.0.1 the phone worked for 7-8 hours. I cant understand why there was about 5 beta versions of 6.1.  Hope 'bugfreak' and 'maggie3000' variant will work, else shold go back to 6.0.1. Sorry for my english :(

  • Courcoul Level 6 Level 6

    Handsome Simon wrote:


    "All this is supported by the log I got as a bonus".


    What log?  Was there supposed to be a log notifying that you have upgraded?

    When you do the upgrade using iTunes on a Mac (I assume would be the same if on a PC) and the USB cable, the whole process is managed by the computer, with backups and such kept there (boon for owners of smaller iPhones) and the whole is logged to a file called iPhoneUpdater.log that remains in the Mac's logging area. You can't imagine the level of detail left there.


    So yes, for all those who haven't upgraded yet, I heartily recommend you do so wired thru iTunes, set for local backup storage. The risk factor is completely minimized and I believe the total time to conclusion also reduced.

  • dequardo Level 1 Level 1

    I'm seeing a measurable decrease in batt life after one day on 6.1.  I'm at 10h standy, 1.5 hours usage and am at 70%.  Normally I'd be at 85%.

  • RedBooster Level 1 Level 1

    I upgraded my iPad 4 from iOS 6.0.1 to iOS 6.1 and instantly I regret my finger touch. I already made one mistake before for ios5.1 to ios6 on iPhone why can't I resist the temptation of upgrading my iPad?


    My test data shows battery drain speed has doubled when all functions are on. I had to turn off wifi, no notification and low brightness the bleeding is stopped. But what I can do with a deaf and blind iPad?


    Tried to roll back to iOS 6.0.1 but no luck. Does Apple allow us to do that?

  • polokagh Level 1 Level 1

    My phone was on standby and was dead after 3-4 hours. Didn't even realize it was shut down. I will get stats after I charge and try again.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Wow interesting thread. Would just like to throw it out there that iOS 6.1 itself is not causing battery drain. Most users are reporting improvements. Pretty much every iOS update that comes out is flanked with reports about causing battery issues. There have been a few (iOS5 comes to mind) that introduced so many new items that they did effect battery. So it happens. However typically the issues come from the update process itself, or a hung app or open app when the update starts. iOS 6.1 itself is not the issue. Some common solutions that have high success rates are as follows:

    1: close all apps from multitask tray,

    2: perform settings>reset>reset all settings. This will not erase your apps or data but will default old settings to their new states for the new iOS.

    3: Select "setup as new" if prompted when the device reboots. (it isnt really setting up as new so dont worry).

    4: Allow to drain battery until the device turns itself off

    5: Charge it back up undisturbed for at least 1.5 hrs after it shows 100% (overnight would be best)


    If the above steps dont help try a restore from iTunes. Do not restore your backup. Sync apps and such back using iTunes or redownload. The backup may have corruption that will come back to the device.


    If still has issues you can verify by restore again  and not loading all apps again and see if the device performs correctly in factory state. If it does then you know the device is fine and  there is some app causing your issue more. Hope this helps. There is hope! iOS 6.1 is being reported as being a very stable update with increased performance and battery life for most users.

  • tricitymacguy Level 1 Level 1

    My battery drain problems went away today.  Last night Apple support had me do a backup and restore.  Not sure that helped.   I think what fixed it was the update I found verizon did sometime in teh evening before I called Apple.  I noticed that earlier in the day my phone would hunt for a signal every time the phone woke up.  after the verizon update battery usage is back to normal.  And its very good.  I have 80% left after having it on since 6am.  last night at this time it was 35%. 

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Excellent news! Glad its working for you now.

  • Don Louv Level 1 Level 1


    Are you an Apple Employee?  What facts are backing up your statement that "iOS 6.1 itself is not the issue"?  You haven't mentioned anything about root cause.  A particular App?  One of the carriers?  Is my whole "disk" being indexed?  Whose code is spinning the processor so hard that the iPhone stays abnormally warm?

    My Responses to your "Solutions":

    1: close all apps from multitask tray,

    Tried that.  Battery still drains at 15% per hour of "Screen Off" state.


    2: perform settings>reset>reset all settings. This will not erase your apps or data but will default old settings to their new states for the new iOS.
    No.  This isn't helpful in determining the ACTUAL bug.  It might mask it, for a time.  Or it might make the bug go away.  But until Apple states "Here's the problem, and here's the actual solution" you are just fireing a shotgun int he dark hoping to hit a bug.


    3: Select "setup as new" if prompted when the device reboots. (it isnt really setting up as new so dont worry).

    Again, No.  That's a pain in the ***.  And not helpful in finding the root cause.


    4: Allow to drain battery until the device turns itself off
    What is this supposed to do?  I've shut it down twice (hard power off).  And still ***** the battery dry (and makes a lovely handwarmer as the CPU is probably being spun at 100% full time)


    5: Charge it back up undisturbed for at least 1.5 hrs after it shows 100% (overnight would be best)

    Yeah, did that.  I have to keep it on charge constantly now, since I only get 5 hours of standby now.  But what exactly happens in the software by having it "sit undisturbed for 1.5 hours after it show 100%"?

    I think you are making up answers without any facts.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Well ok then . No I am not an Apple employee. The steps I outlined were a series of steps not a try one then two. Do steps 1-5 as an entire process. Some of your comments to each step  are clearly from an unknowledgable user.  The point is the iOS is not the issue therefore not the "bug".

    The facts that you ask for. Well I am a user of iPhone and have been for quite some time. Have friends that are and have been researching and reading forums everywhere.. Been participating in Apple support forums for quite some time. I know for a FACT that iOS 6.1 works because I am running it of a few devices. I have read numerous other reports that indicate that others are working as well. While I cannot attest that all users who are saying that their devices are better are actual FACTS (not sure why folks would say so if it werent true) I can say 100% that everyone I personally know as well as my own devices work great with iOS6.1 so if the underlying iOS were at fault that would not be the case.


    To answer some of your specifics > Step 2 NO because it wont tell u the bug. Are you more interested in solving your issue or deciphering code? It takes literly less than 5 minures for this step. As to why  I already mentioned it in the initial statement. iOS settings from previous versions can be different than settings in new versions so resetting to the new versions defaults solves that is a LOT of cases.

    Step 3? too much trouble. Again if you read my post  it does not erase your device the set up as new is ONLY pertaining to the settings you just reset

    Step 4. It calibrates the actual battery power to what the software "thinks" the battery has. (and Apple will tell you to do this if you want more "facts" (see the bottom of page)

    Step 5 , Well you have to do step 4 for that to matter.


    As for the warmness and whats causing it? Exchange email accounts getting corrupted during an upgrade process is a well known contributor. removing the acct,rebooting and adding it back is also a know fix for that issue,


    So making up answers? Nah I have no reason to.


    So If you dont want to follow any of the steps I outlined because its too much trouble or you dont understand what it does or dont believe what I have stated thats fine. You can remain having issues with your device and complain how bad it is. Thats ok as you are certainly free to do so. I simply offered these proven steps to help anyone who is interested in solving their issue. If thats not you then thats ok.  Have a good day.

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