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    I went to the Apple store yesterday to have diagnostics run on my phone.   They did a DFU restore on my phone (different from regular restore in iTunes that updates the firmware as well as the software).  I have not added back any email accounts or apps and ran the battery down until it shut off last night.  Unplugged it from the charger this morning around 7:00 and it was at 100% until 11:57 AM (with location services ON).  That time included receiving and sending several texts, placing 2 phone calls, and 5 minutes of talk time.   Yesterday, that amount of talk time would have easily drained my battery by at least 3-5% and my total drain would have been about 10-12%.  I'm going to slowly add thing back to my phone and observe the battery as I go to see what happens after each change.

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    My 4s is horrible after this recent upgrade. Mine was completely drained just after 4 hours on standby. My phone is supposed to be reliable, but now what? Is apple going to fix this?

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    No Apple is not going to fix this. You need to look back and attempt some of the posted solutions such as resetting or restoring or email etc. Most cases are solved by performing one or the other of these solutions. Try the reset all settings  process outlined first, then a restore from iTunes next if the first item didnt help. These steps are well outlined a few pages back

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    Restore to factory settings worked for me. save all contacts and pictures as this will erase everything. So far I'm holding a better charge but ill know in a few days.

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    The battery on my iPhone 5 lasts pretty good while on standby, but if I'm actually using the phone, it drains extremely fast. Weird.

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    Iphone 4 16gb 6.1.2. Used the software update through the phone itself, worked pretty good

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    Ios 6.1.2, mainly wi-fi and some cellular, loccation services on for the apps i use, BT off

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    I am currently an owner of an iPod Touch 4th generation, running IOS 6.1.2. I will be glad to help solve your problem with your iPod/iPad/or iPhone.



    1. Update your iPod/iPad/or iPhone to the latest IOS. If you already updated to the latest IOS, please proceed to step 2.
    2. Reset all Settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings
    3. Wait for the iPod/iPad/or iPhone to restart
    4. Once the iPod/iPad/or iPhone has restarted, all the settings have been changed. You may change them back to your personal preference.
    5. Use your iPod/iPad/or iPhone until the battery dies (until the device turns itself off)
    6. Plug your iPod/iPad/or iPhone into charge. The trick here, is to leave it 1.5 hours or longer after it reaches 100% --> undisturbed (preferably overnight)
    7. After leaving it 1.5 hours or longer on the charger, you may unplug, and start using. Give it a few days for the battery to Calibrate.


    Apple Support Link:



    Hope that helps!

    If none of the above solutions work, could you please reply back as soon as possible, as I will try to find another solution to your problem.




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    Hello everybody,


    There's something more that you guys might wanna try out in order to extend your battery life a little bit more.


    When you are on WIFI ( home/work ), Disable the Cellular Data and 3G/4G/LTE. Let the processor deal with WIFI ONLY.


    When you are NOT on WIFI switch it OFF and Enable Cellular Data and 3G/4G/LTE.


    This way the processor will be accessing the Internet unidirectionally ( either WIFI or through Cellular Data ).


    That's instead of being on WIFI and the processor still searching through Cellular Data OR being on Cellular Data and the processor searching for WIFI.


    Try it out for a couple of days - you got nothing to lose, lol. It worked for me.


    Hope this is helpful.


    Kind regards.

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    finally i have update my iphone 4 to ios 6.1.2. my experience says that battery life slightly improved. right now battery status is:



    43 minutes usage, standby 14 hours 15 minutes


    it is better than before the update. what do u think guys? i'll report back after more usage.

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    Yes your battery is great, but I have experienced that with the ios 6.1.2 my iphone 4 battery life decreased slightly from getting 7+ hours usage time at the beginning when I updated, it's decreased to 5-6 hours

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    Update since last post on page 9.

    iPhone 5, 64GB. Was on iOs 6.01, was battling the "OTHER" consumption issue covered elsewhere in the forum, any how, updated to 6.1 in an effort to fix it, Battery consumption went through the roof! Narrowed it down to LTE usage, (exchange possibly? Not sure actually) Restored the phone as new, same issue. Now recently updated to 6.1.2, and OMG, I am experiencing the best battery life I have EVER seen with any of mine or our families iPhones. We have been iPhoners since within 3 months of the first iPhone release, (still have my wifes early first gen iPhone in excellent condition), 3g, 4, 4s, and now 5’s, (myself, wife and both daughters).

    Before the battery consumption issue, battery consumption was typically leave me 10-20% by the end of the day depending on usage. Last 4 days, same moderate usage I have had between 61-73% battery left at bed time! NEVER have seen that sort of battery life since the iPhone was released. I think I am still battling the “OTHER” issue that 6.1 was supposed to address, even after restore to new and manually entering everything, I’m still seeing over 1.5gb of other, a bit high for just data… At least the battery life issue has been resolved and then some.

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    my iphone 4 battery is draining slightly quicker than the beginning. right now:



    2hours 8 minutes usage, 1 day 8 hours standby


    in the standby mode, only battery monitoring app runs in the background.

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    Hi All.  I have read through everything here as I am experiencing horrible battery life on my I5.  I just did a handset exchange on Wednesday, due to horrible battery life and rebooting issues.  Restored everything via the Cloud and yesterday it worked awesome.  Today, not so much.  I have the most recent update (iOS 6.1.2).  Since I hardly have anything on my phone anyway, this morning I deleted all apps and the email exchange as mentioned here.  I tried the Reset All Settings, but when it reboots it doesn't give me the option to set it up as a new phone.  It just goes right to the home screen.  The battery life is still horrible.  I guess I'll just let it drain all the way down and recharge it tonight to see if that helps. 

    I am not very knowledgeable with cell phone issues and jargon, so all the feedback provided here has been a great help.  Thank you to anyone who took the time to respond here with helpful information. 

  • Paramite Level 1 (10 points)

    My battery problem seems to have fixed itself. Weird. I haven't done anything other than syncing with iTunes.