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  • msmitasi Level 1 Level 1

    My battery life suffered after 6.1 also. Normally I charge overnight and will have 60%+ at the end of the day, but now I'm down to ~30% by 5PM. On the plus side, my Exchange Push is working again.

  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    30% is good....for the last few days after installing battery was less than 20% by 5pm.  With 6.02 it was at least 40%


    At least we have a wonderful Apple Co.

  • shapez0r Level 1 Level 1

    the same drain here on 4s. also, maybe it's the CPU issue, cause visually the interface became quite laggy (some glitches, plumes added) and also the phone got very hot being in idle state +charging


    so bad, Apple, so bad..

  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    Guess it was false alarm.....My battery is @38% with Usage = 4 hrs and 38 mins, Standby 13 hours & 33 mins.  Is now only on earth can I get it last till 6pm.  Really horrible.


    I thought this morning battery was okay....but it just got worst after lunch.  So, I thinkt those Apps I deleted has nothing to do with the pathetic batteries


    It is a must to carry an extra USB battery pack when using Apple's Iphone.  Just make sure you charged both, otherwise....Good Luck.


    Apple a wonderful Co.....gets me spend more $$$ on extra battery pack so that I can get the economy going....well done....Good so I do not have to spend MORE $ for Apps.

  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1



    If there are any updates for installed APPS, it will eat your batteries like crazy.  I have this update that is hanging in my Iphone waiting for updates....past 45 battery drop from 35% to is still going down....bug or not?  Terrible, utterly most terrible feeling about the IP I have ever felt.


    Really piece of expensive junk!! (software & Battery....mostly) but none the less JUNK!!

  • budogirl Level 1 Level 1

    I have the impression that this update is worse... I am losing 20% of battery in two hours doing the same I did before. Before it was only 10%. I am also very deceived with my first Iphone. Do they test them? My former smartphone was better and cheaper... and the battery lasted more. It is my second Iphone replacement after the first one drained battery to 50% in two hours.

  • cJunJie Level 1 Level 1



    is 5hours 17minutes for usage and 16hours 13minutes for standy at 49% considered good battery life? Please help!

  • NeedNoAlias Level 1 Level 1

    Since updating to 6.1, my usage time = my standby time, even after soft resets, hard resets, and clearing all settings.


    iOS 5 had this problem too and in more than 12 months, this sh*t hasn't really changed.


    Thanks Apple.

  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    Budogirl.....welcome to the club.


    Me too, IPhone 5 was a birthday from my wife.  She used 4S and had never experience this before.  That was why she gotten IP5.


    But she is definitely regreting it.  In my opinion IP5 is a TEST that Apple wanted to Test.  Because Apple got this new A6 Chip and new charger.  They will soon release IP5s or IP6 with much better battery life.  Trust me.


    Users have to bear with it, like me I am, I do not want to offend my wife to refund or return the phone because it was engraved with my name.


    Really sad that an expensive phone like Iphone can really offer bad batteries....


    Should have ask my wife to get me a cheaper Andriod phone. Utterly lousy Iphone5.  Worst of the pack and I will call it the BLACK SHEEP OF Iphones.


    Never again. Never

  • Bozzor Level 1 Level 1

    I have a mixed bag: my iPhone 4S has had significant battery drain and data leak issues ever since iOS 6.0 came out and iOS 6.1 has actually made things worse - despite a complete reset as a new phone. Am taking it in to a Genius Bar in about 2 weeks when I get some time.


    But my older iPhone 4 - which I have now reverted to - has been getting along amazingly well, with superb battery life and quite acceptable data usage. It's actually never performed better: it's reception is not as good as the 4S, but battery life is amazing now - in 4 hours of light to moderate usage still over 81%. My iPhone 4S would be well under 50% now.


    I have a definite feeling that Apple uses different internal components for ostensibly the same iPhones, and not just screens. This may well be causing some issues with non optimized drivers. Will see what happens at the Genius Bar...

  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    As I am written the above Premier IP5 has lost 6%.  I am now at a critical point....luckily I am not using the IP to write this.


    It is now Usage 6hrs and 45mins....Standby 15hours....battery @5% and losing fast.  Got to find a charger now.


    I wonder Tim Cook Iphone 5 gives him this lousy battery how would he feel....perhaps, he does not care....because he can get a new iphone anytime.

  • Handsome Simon Level 1 Level 1

    I read from an article that the battery in IP5 is the same as IP4/4S....Apparently, Apple wanted to keep IP5 as slim as possilbe as a result they reduced the battery...that also reduced the power...the IP5 is a more powerful machine but has the same battery with 4/4S....Resulting in IP5 using more power but since the battery is not meant for IP5 that is why users are experiencing batteries issues.




    IP5 =Posche,  Battery + disel gas = lousy driving experience.


    No matter what iOS updates Apples gives to is no use....because the battery itself is too weak to handle the power of IP5.


    Thank you

  • jlafara Level 1 Level 1

    I didn't upgrade from 6 to 6.02 because of all the negative things I read about battery draining issues. So I caved and upgraded to 6.1....HUGE MISTAKE because now my battery on my iPhone 5 drains super fast! Normal usage for me i can get about 6 hours till I drop to 20% and the past few days I am barely getting 4 hours. *** APPLE!!



    I'm gonna try to revert back to and old back up when I had 6.0 and hopefully that corrects the problem and I will not be upgrading again


    Will this work? I have never had any issues with apple products and this is just insane how quick im losing battery!

  • Builder1 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried a complete restore and it did not work. I have had Apple products for many years. I have always bragged how great they are. Now with this iPhone 5 it is just one problem after the next! I really hate this phone! I took my phone off the charger at 7:45am by 8:30am (45 min) my battery was down to 79%. I had not even used the phone yet! Before this iOS 6.1 my battery would last nearly 2 days without a charge, usually draining to about 50% over the course of a normal use day. I have been dealing with this phone's time and date screw ups for 5 months, now this!

  • Builder1 Level 1 Level 1

    I should note, I updated all of my iOS devises to 6.1 (regretfully). I have noticed my wife's and my iPhone 5s have the rapid battery drain. My old iPhone 4 (which is deactivated and used as an iPod) has held a good charge since the update, same goes for my wifi iPad, no battery issues. I wonder if the problem has to do with LTE connection? Supposedly this update was meant to fix LTE issues (such as the time and date problem) we may have just traded one problem for another...!

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