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I recently got a PowerMac G3, and the machine has been displaying in grayscale when I first turn it on. Under the settings, it says 256 Colors. I can correct it, but then when I start the computer later, it reverts back. Is there a way to make the fix permanent?

PowerMac G3 (desktop), Mac OS 9.2.x
  • Don Archibald Level 10 (101,340 points)

    Settings made via OS 9's control panels are retained in preference files. One or more of the applicable preferences files may have become locked, or damaged.


    Go to System Folder > Preferences. Locate the file named Display Preferences and the file named Monitor Preferences (the second one may be in a folder having the same name). Neither should be locked. If either is, you can unlock it ny doing a Get Info (Command-I) on the file.


    If neither file is locked, try throwing both of those files away, empty the Trash, then restart. New prefs files with default settings will be created automatically. This means you may need to redo the resolution choice as well as other settings, but you should need to do that only once.




    Another possibility, perhaps additional....


    If that machine had been stored for a long while, the internal battery may be too weak or dead. If that is the case, replacing it is the solution.


    However, if that machine is a Beige/Platinum desktop model (not an iMac nor a B&W), chances are the battery is okay - those older desktop G3 models usually won't display anything on the monitor if the internal battery is shot.

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    I attempted to do this, but the process did not work. I'm not sure what the problem is. When I turn on the computer, it is gray, but says it is color. Then, I switch it to 256 grays, and it changes a little. Finally, I switch it back to 256 colors, and it displays the color.

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    Is this G3 a beige "All-in-One" model with the built-in screen or are you using a beige G3 desktop model with a connected display?

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    Try reset of PMU or CUDA and PRAM if you haven't done it already.



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    It is a beige desktop model with a connected display.

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    This sounds to me like a hardware problem. Try using a different monitor.  Or try putting a video card in and running the monitor from that port rather than the one on the motherboard.