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pegaudet Level 1 Level 1

Just got a push notification on my ipad saying that ios 6.1 is out.


Anybody brave enough to try it and how is it compared to 6.0.1? (stability and bug fixes are my main concern)


If the numbering schemes are to be trusted, I would figure 6.1 is different enough from 6.0.1 that it gives Apple a chance to break some new things.


I got burned really badly by 6.0 and thankfully 6.0.1 was good enough to fix most of the crash-and-burn problems from 6.0, but these days, I don't trust Apple to come up with anything decent.

  • Skydiver119 Level 7 Level 7

    I updated both my Touch and my iPad and I really haven't noticed a difference. I'd imagine with the LTE improvements the people with the most to notice will be those with 3G devices.

  • pegaudet Level 1 Level 1



    Gee, that was a quick response... I'm still running 5.1 on my iphone 3gs (never upgraded cause I didn't want to lose google maps)... my ipad and ipod touch are running 6.0.1 and it seems the added features of 6.1 are useless for me on those devices.


    I know of a really annoying bug in the music player app (when I have shuffle on and reboot the device, it says it's shuffling but it's not.. I have to toggle shuffle many times before it really figures out it needs to be on shuffle)...... Some of the problems I saw took me days/even a week to find, so I would also also like to know how it behaves long term.


    My touch is the most used ios device I have and I don't want to upgrade as long as it's less stable or more buggy than 6.0.1.


    If anybody encounters anything broken/wonky/unpleasant with 6.1, please, I would encourage you to share.  So far, I see no reason to upgrade and after 6.0 came out, once bitten twice shy.

  • Pamela Gadsden Level 3 Level 3

    It hasn't caused any problems on my iPad2, if that's what you're asking, but since I'm also wifi only I haven't noticed any of the LTE stuff.

  • Tgara Level 4 Level 4

    No probs on my iPhone 4GS or iPad 2, or the wife's iPad 3 and iPhone 4.  All are 3G or LTE and everything is working fine.


    Just upgrade.  You'll be fine.

  • bunnyberm Level 1 Level 1

    Push Notifications and iMessage stopped working on my iPhone 3GS after upgrading to iOS 6.1.

  • Chamar Level 4 Level 4

    Working fine on my iPad Mini, my iPhone 4GS and my 5th gen Touch.

  • jetway Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there,

    I have an IPAD mini that was running 6.0.2. I had connection issues and it seemed a bit slow. I've upgraded to to 6.1 and i notice the change. I feel its a lot faster and the connection issue is gone.

  • bunnyberm Level 1 Level 1

    Update: I backed up my iPhone, restored as a New Phone, now it works fine. Restored to my backup, it stopped working. Something about my settings must be causing the problem, but I have no idea what. So I'm running on a New Phone and I have to set up all my apps and data again. All to get back iMessage & Push notifications.

  • ejpre Level 3 Level 3

    6.1 is primarly bug fixes to fix the bugs they introduced with 6. 


    The biggest ones have to do with Match

    - Ability to view download state/download individual songs restored (advertised as

       a *new* feature, rather than "like it was in iOS5")

    - unstable album artwork (now you see it , now you don't) problem fixed

    - reportedly more stable for toggling Match on and off without losing all your



    Since I'm a heavy Match user, all this was a major improvment.  If you don't use Match, the biggest improvement seems to be they fixed that weird "March Calendar bug" that they never officially acknowledged existed.


    If you don't use Match and if you didn't have an all-day event on April 1st, chances are you won't see much of a difference.

  • Ralph9430 Level 6 Level 6

    I updated two iPhone 5s and my iPad 2 with no problems.


    One word of advice though. When the update has completed and your device restarts you will be presented with requested. One will be for your Apple ID password. No problem there. The next request is for you to select the phone number and email addressed to be used for Messages. I selected both my phone number and email address for Messages. The first text I got from my wife went to both my phone and my iPad. So I had to go into Settings > Messages and turn off my email addresses so as to not receive those messages on my iPad where I do not want them.


    I think many of us might just tap on continue without thinking of the results of what one chooses there. There are a few posts in the forums today about people receiving messages on multiple devices probably because of what they chose in that dialogue box.


    All devices seem to be operating just fine though.

  • nniesen Level 1 Level 1

    So far no problems updating my iPhone 4S.


    The update did not fix the cameras macro focus (close ups) need for barcode scanners to work. I assume that means it also didn't fix other image quality problems that have been reported.

  • maheshkumarz Level 1 Level 1

    I was a bit worried to go with the ios 6.1 update. But I finally did went ahead and updated it on my iphone 5.


    I think the signal strength dropped a little bit after the update.

  • Eric Shawn2 Level 3 Level 3
    Mac OS X

    If you use the same email address for multiple devices, you will get the same messages when iMessage is turned on, on all of them.  Next setting each one up with a different Apple ID account, turning off iMessage on all but one is the only workaround.

  • Stephen Jupp Level 1 Level 1

    I downloaded iOS 6.1 to my iPhone 5 about 3 hours ago and ... disaster.

    The keyboard is malfunctioning; it won't take a side or down swipe.

    I tried restoring but no difference so its a trip to my local 'genius' bar ... very disappointed that Apple appear to have screwed up another updat (after the Maps muddle).

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