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I used to use the printable gift certificates for my kids. I could buy one, print it out, walk down the hall and just hand it to the kid. It appears that option's gone now. I tried to email one to myself, and although I've been charged, the email hasn't come. I don't know how long it's supposed to take, but it's certainly far less convenient than the old way. Most irritating of all is that, as usual, Apple doesn't bother to tell its users about a change, and I f'n wasted 45 minutes trying to figure out where they moved it to.

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    Yep totally agree. Now I'm sat here waiting for my son to receive the email with the redem code, been waiting ages. Printable version was much better, so Apple get rid of it.

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    And as it turns out, there's no "code" in the email. When I finally got it, there was a "redeem" button in the email which would have taken me to MY account instead of my son's. I had to forward it to my son for him to click. Oddly enough, when I forwarded the email, he got it immediately. But when apple "sent" it to me originally, it took more than an hour.


    This change stinks.

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    I totally agree with 1st post, I wasted about the same amount of time trying to find printable option,phoned apple, kindly told me was no longer available......definately  a bad move by Apple.......American logic perhaps, when things are running well, put a spanner in the works....will we ever understand it??