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Many folks has discussed on the lousy battery usage in IP5.....I read the information about the relaese, but it did not mentioned "improving batteries usages".... I guess right....we are not getting our message across.


Apple has failed us again.  I am not happy.


I will see if there are any improvement in batteries after the update.


Get ready to jump ship...to Android folks

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    Handsome Simon wrote:


    ...we are not getting our message across.Apple has failed us again.  I am not happy.


    Get your message across by telling them: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

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    My battery life with my iPhone 5 was outstanding before. With my iPhone 4, I would have to recharge before the end of the day, now I can go a full two days without recharging. So, I hope there's an improvement. Maybe I can make it three days. That would be cool.

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    I did not....guess it is too late now that the IOS6.1 is release.  Doubt it would help. As I mentioned before......batteries are "secondary".  Mfg do not care unless there are some thing really serious. Anyway, I just have to upgrade and see....but I saw from other threads that after upgrading...the batteries are WORST.


    Anyway, subjective matter again.


    Guess all the fix are more for the USA market....and LTE issues....I am still not happy that none was mentioned...I was looking forward to at least a little.


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    It's worser than with iOS 6.0.2 10 minute call took 8% of battery on 2G connection. That's too much, becuase on iOS 6.0.1 and 6.0 it was about 2 - 3 %

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    I rest my case.......no change to the battery.  Maybe we should use it for a while more to see how it is....perhaps it is too soon to tell.....


    Anyway, it is really hopeless...Apple will not fix the battery....it is a HAREWARE problem, NOT USER or iOS problem.


    Go buy another maker phone.  DO NOT USE IPHONE.




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    It can't be a hardaware problem, because with iOS 6.0.1 it was OK. They did something in 6.0.2 that started consuming battery fast. You can downgrade firmware to 6.0.1, but iCloud backup is not compatible with it. So we have to wait for apple to fix that.

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    Dear All,


    I have a question regarding Iphone 5.


    Under what circumstances should users SHUT DOWN IPhone 5?  When battery has been running weak for certain # of days.   My battery seems to improve after I shut down, but I trust is only temporary solution.


    So, everytime the battery is draining to much, I just REBOOT Iphone...is that correct.


    Kind of inconvenient to do that, but I think it is better than doing RESET everytime when the battery is weak.


    Thank you