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I have the iPad 4, which occasionally fails to connect to my home network and will ask me for both an User Name and Password to access my home wireless network. I have no idea what would constitute an User Name and I have tried the name of the network and other options to no avail. When I close down the iPad and take it closer to my Wi-Fi Router (BT Home Hub 3) then switch back on it asks for the password only as normal and all is well. What concerns me is this only happens on the occasional basis, but I am trying to access the router from exactly the same place.


Is there a fault with the wireless function on the iPad? I have contacted Apple Support by telephone and they were very helpful to be fair, but they had not come across this issue before.


Has anyone experienced anything like this and could advise me? My other option would be to email Apple Support, but I cannot find an email address for Apple Technical Support UK.

iPad, iOS 6.1