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I want to look inside the "FixedLayoutExample3-0.epub" to better understand the xhtml and CSS content of the example book. I know that the .epub is a zip of various directories which are all described in the Asset Guide and other documents. But I cannot open it up. Double clicking takes me into the Application Loader - which I makes sense I suppose. But I can't do anything else with the file. I tried renaming it to .zip and using unzippers (izip and UnZipper) but neither worked. I read that Pages can't open a .epub. So how do I use it?


Sorry if this is terribly obvious but I can't seem to find infomation anywhere and I am now wondering if it has to do with how I set up my iTunesConnect account (i.e. for Free Books). Maybe Apple figure if you're not smart enough to open the file, you're not going to be able to figure out how to publish an eBook anyway but trying to use this "Resource" is pretty frustrating.