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Good morning


As far as I can see I have similar problem to the one of a lot of people: iPhoto librairy is big (circa 175GB)!


I have exported all the RAW files I used to keep within the librairy and stored them in an external drive. After they were copied I have deleted them from iPhoto and emptied the waste basket in iPhoto and did the same in for the main waste basket.


The problem I am facing is the following: I cannot recovert he 60 offs GB I have spared by doing that. Indeed the iPhoto librairy went down from 175GB to 110ish but when I look at the disk utility I have kept the same empty space before and after i.e. 25GB while I would have expected it to go up to 90GB after the space has been freed.


Any explanation or further check suggested?


Thanks in advance.





Mac Book Pro 17" + iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.8)