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Hi All, anyone, or just helpful users,


If ios 5.1.1 on iPad 1 is no longer supported, is the device safe to use for credit card payments?


I know the reasons why Apple no longer update IOS for Ipad 1.


Due to end of life support, no bug fixes for older apps and constant vulnerabilities being exploited, does this now make the device insecure and vulnerable?  either information stored on the device or (especially) when making credit card payments through Safari, etc.


Thanks in advance,

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    I would say your biggest issue isn't as much your operating system as it is the network you use your device on. For example the most secure device in the world can be used at McDonalds open wifi and have its info intercepted....and it's not your device's fault rather the connection. Any security program is only as good as its weakest component.


    THe iOS operating systems are still very secure because they are highly resistent to viruses and malware....but a user can still click on that 'you won a million dollars' link in an e-mail and hand their personal info over to a hacker.


    If you feel you can no longer trust it, then stop using it. But I would say a user's internet connection and behavior are larger security vulnerabilities than any device.

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    Thanks for your input Skydiver, I am really after information regarding the vulnerabilities of iOS and Safari for driveby downloads, etc.

    And if Apple feel that the iPad 1 is now an untrusted insecure device as iOS 5.1.1, associated apps and installed software are now vulnerable to exploits.