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I tried an over-the-air update and the dreaded connect to iTunes screen came up.  When I connect to iTunes it tells me I need to restore.  OK.  Restore downloads the latest software fine but when I verify it it says that the software was corrupted during download.  I've turned AV and firewall off and rebooted the computer to no avail.  Is there something else I can do to get a clean copy of 6.1 to install on my iPad2?

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
Solved by Rayny28 on Jan 29, 2013 5:40 PM Solved

I posted this in another thread but I'll post it here, hoping it helps more frustrated ipad 2 updaters.


  Hey I had the exact same problem. What I did was just download the file from the Internet and since I have a Mac I pressed option + right click on restore Ipad. Found the ios 6.1 file I downloaded and it updated fine. I was pretty upset before I found this solution. Hope it helps!

  BTW just google ios 6.1 for your specific apple model and plenty of results should come up for your respective device.

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