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My Query : Last night I upgraded my 3GS phone from iOS3 to iOS6 software. At first it took a few attempts after an error 1402 code but I switched USB ports and it all went through fine with the software extraction, software upgrade, firmware etc. Everything transferred over to my phone (Contacts/Calendars/Voice Memos/Notes/Bookmarks etc.), however none of my Text Messages transferred over - I have 1000's of them and want to keep them.


The good news is that I have a Backup in the Mobile Synch folder and also copied over to my external hard drive for safe keeping in case of corruption or overwrite. What would anyone advise me to do to get my old text messages on to my phone?


I have the Wondershare Dr.Fone software which works great and I can still see my text messages from the backup through that software but I really want to have them on my phone. I was reading somewhere that there is a known bug that's only affecting some handsets that upgrade to iOS6 - is anyone aware of this and potential solutions perhaps?


Any help that anyone can provide would be so much appreciated. I'm wondering is there any other software that may be of use  here?


Thanks a million



iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.0.2, Upgrade to iOS6 - Texts Deleted
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    Restore the iPhone from the backup created prior to the update.  This is the only way to get missing SMS messages back on the device.

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    Hi diesel vdub


    Thanks for coming back to me here


    When I was upgrading from iOS 3 to 6 this is what I had to do in the first place. Backup & then Restore but there was no sign of the text messages once the phone rebooted after the upgrade.


    I was going to restore again from that original backup but I wanted to see was there any other solution before repeating what I'd already done. I see that 6.1 has been released now. I wonder would it be a good idea to upgrade to this instead?


    Obviously I shouldn't make a Backup of my phone in its present state (no text messages on phone) as this will delete the Backup in the Mobile Synch folder and I will lose all text messages forever?


    What do you think about the above - any thoughts or advice would be really appreciated