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Hello all,



Mailserver: Exchange 2007, all updates recieved

About 50 iPhones and 20 iPads, only 1 with problems



Our CEO recieved a latest generation iPad (with lighting connector) at launch of the device.

Installation was a breeze, but...

Our CEO has a lot of calendar items (incl. recurring items) and when his secretary changes things at the Ofiice, it is not always replicated to the iPad.

In his Outlook-mailbox and in OWA (Outlook Web Access) it's OK.

BUT : he does not use his Outlook or OWA, ONLY his iPad.


If I clear Calendar from syncronisation and reinitiate sync, everythings OK.  After a day of changes at the office, his calendar again is totally wrong because the changes did not came through to the iPad.


Mail and contacts are working fine.


It's the only 'Latest generation iPad' in the company, it's the most filled calendar on the compny


I'm begging somebody to have the solution.

He is asking (demanding) a final solution