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Hi.....anyone that have som experience about iMac in a music studio.


I like to know if its some adapter or something I can connect between the thunderboltcable and in to a normal digital mixer ?


It should end up in two ordinary balaced jackplugs.



Or,   Is it better to use firewirecable to audiointerface ?


Or, maybe USB ?


Happy for tips and tricks !



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    thunderbolt interfaces are rare, at the moment, but more will appear this year.

    what kind of setup are you looking for?

    do you want to record more than one musician at a time, a band or orchestra?


    how many ins and outs do you need/want?

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    Thanks a lot....I have a digital studio, using softsynths and some extern devices.


    My need is to have the best audio from mac, via mix to monitors...and low latency.


    I guess I will wait a few months and see what shows up in the interfacemarked.



    Best regards

    Kuhn Lasse

    Chiang Mai.

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    ok, sounds like not too much recording 'live', or many tracks at once, maybe vocals and the occasional instrument?

    what is your main DAW?

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    ....at the moment, I use AbletonLive8 a lot.  But my main DAW use to be Cubase.


    In my PC/win xp set up, I use a Lunacard. 3 inn/ out. No need for mic.

    Bheringer Mix, KRK RG5  monitors + sub


    This runs my Korg M3 and many other Korg-devices perfect.


    My softsynths include Omnisphere, Massive, Reactor, Absynth, and NI Maschine + + ....



    My hope is to make the same setup, using iMac 27 (2013 ).



    15 years ago I used Mac in my Norwgian studio....and now I am ready for Mac again, if it fit my needs.




    Kuhn Lasse