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Hi all,


My more or less brand new Mac Pro has slowed down a huge amount in the last few weeks.


It is 3.2GHz, Quad Core, 12GB with Mountain Lion


I use it for music production, running Logic Pro.


I noticed it was slower the day after I did a big batch update, downloading all the software and OS updates for my system: OS, Logic Pro, iTunes etc; Native Instruments Komplete, Universal Audio UAD, Apogee Ensemble. Also, a pro producer gave me some files, samples and a couple of project files. I also installed a new software plugin. Since then the computer has been noticably slower. I can't run nearly as many plugins/channels without Logic becoming unstable, probably around half.


These were all the up to date downloads as of 07/01/13.


Has anyone had a similar experience with any of these updates?


I've tried uninstalling the additional software plugin, and stopping Logic from looking for it. Still the same.


I don't use time machine, which I will from now on!!


Is it worth completely reinstalling the operating system, and all my software? Or should I just take it down to the genius bar and get them to sort it out?


Any help would be soooo appreciated! I've got an album to finish, having to settle, at the moment, for performance that I expected before I upgraded to an all-singing-all-dancing Mac PRO!!!




Mac Pro (Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 3.2 GHz, Quad-Core, 12GB RAM