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When I attach my iPad 4, I get a msg saying "THE iPAD "MK's iPAD" IS SYNCHED WITH ANOTHER iTUNES LIBRARY... DO YOU WANT TO ERASE THIS iPAD AND SYNCH WITH THIS iTUNES LIBRARY?    I have found that for some reason I now have a new iTunes library without all of my song libraries, song counts, TV Shows that I purchased or some of the movies I had before.  I have all of my purchased songs in this new library, but that' all!!   All of my content is still on my iPad, so I DO NOT want to erase the iPad.  ALSO...Having 2 libraries is using wAy too much memory.  I want access to my old library or how to transfer the purchased items like the TV Shows, movies, and playlists to the new library.

iPad, iOS 6.0.2, Windows 7