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Hello, i made upgrade from 5.1.1 version to 6.1 ande before the upgrade the ituns made the backup and it was full backup.


Then after the upgrade i lost all pictures,videos, and every thing exept the applications.


I decide to restor the ipad to get it as new the restoring again the backup on this time i lost even the applications


so the ipad is looks like a new one.


Please ! how i can get my stuff back ?


i lost thousend of photo , the strange is the ituns said it has the backup but does not restor any thing,

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
  • Diavonex Level 9 Level 9

    Restore from iTune Backup Step by Step



    1. Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings



    2. You'll be asked twice to confirm



    3. You'll see Apple logo and progress bar



    4. You'll see a big iPad logo on screen



    5. Configuration start



    6. Set language



    7. Set country



    8. Select Network and input Password>Join



    9. Enable Location Service>Next



    10. You'll be given 3 options (a) Setup as New iPad (b) Restore from iCloud Backup (c) Restore from iTune Backup



    11. Select Restore from iTune Backup



    12. You will see picture of USB cable pointing towards iPad



    13. Connect iPad to iTune (make sure iTune is on standby)



    14. Tap Continue (computer)



    15. Restore iPad from Backup (computer)



    16. See progress bar with estimated time (computer)



    17. See Restore in Progress on iPad



    18. See Apple logo



    19. See Apple and Progress Bar



    20. Slide to Unlock



    21. Copying Apps back to iPad (computer)



    22. You'll see Loading/Installing/Waiting below the Apps (iPad)



    23. Sync Music/Podcast/Movies to iPad (computer)



    24. Sync completed (computer)

  • Dr.nuna Level 1 Level 1

    i did all these steps .


    I just install on my device a program called itools which give me imformation about the backup files and i can browse them by it.


    The problem is the backup file is 2.3 GB only !!!


    so this means there is some thing wrong with the backup and it did not take a full back up , which suppose be a full taken by the ituns.

  • Diavonex Level 9 Level 9

    Did you make sure all content was transferred and device is backed up before you update?



    Transfer purchases



    How to backup


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    i did not make sure they transfer or not but what im sure about it i wated more than 40 min till the ituns finish the backup immediatly after i connected to the computer , then i made the upgrade.

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    A backup of your iPad will back up


    -apps and app data

    -photos and videos *on your camera roll*

    -Text messages and a few other things


    It does not back up:

    -Music, videos, or other media

    -Pictures and videos outside of the Camera Roll.


    These things would have to be backed up from your computer (eg, with Time Machine), and then restored by syncing *after* the restore of the iPad backup.


    If they were purchased from iTunes, they can be redownloaded, if they are not on the computer.

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    I know this , but my problem with restoring backup with NOTHING . The ipad looks new after restoring the backup.