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As an iTunes Match subscriber, I have enjoyed the ability to stream my music library from the cloud instead of having to download it to my iPhone. However, with the latest update (iOS 6.1) it appears it no longer works the same way. Instead, it appears as though I have to download my music. After I updated to 6.1, I went into my Music app and noticed that I now had the option to download individual tracks or whole albums--which is fine. It's nice to have that option back. However whereas I used to be able to select an album or track (even if it wasn't already downloaded) and 'stream' it without having to download it, I no longer had that option and all my music was grayed out. What's worse, upon discovering this, I went into Settings>Music and toggled off the 'iTunes Match' and 'Show All Music' options and then toggled them back on, thinking I just had to 're-set' my options. NOT SO! Now when I go back into my Music app, none of my music shows up!!!


So, is anyone else having this problem? If so, have you been able to find a solution?

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    Music should still stream by default, so you're experiencing a "bug" rather than a "feature".  it's working fine on my phone (I know that doesn't help you).


    I can only recommend the usual fixes:

    Solution 1:

    - hard reset (always the first option)


    Solution 2:

    - Turn off iTunes Match

    - Go to Settings->iTunes and Apps Store

    - Sign out

    - Sign back in

    - Turn Match back on

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    Thanks for the reply. I tried both of your proposed solutions but unfortunately, it's still not working...So the search for a fix continues.

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    Got home tonight and, while connected to wifi, checked my Music App. All my music came back and was no longer grayed out. All's well that ends well, I suppose but other than connecting to wifi, I have no idea what made the difference.

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    Oops!! Not so fast. The music came back, but I'm still unable to stream anything. The only option I have is to download...What am I missing?

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    Match has totally stopped working since update 6.1. Every time they release an update it messes iTunes Match up. Any solutions?

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    I figured it out!!!


    Take the following steps:


    1) while connected to wifi, toggle off the Show All Music and iTunes Match options shown in my original post above. Important: I did this step before, but wasn't connected to wifi, and my music disappeared. Subsequently, I connected to wifi and turned off and then back on those options and everything came back though it was grayed out and my only option was to download music.


    2) To get streaming over cellular back, go into Settings>General>Cellular and scroll down to the "Use Cellular Data for:" options and make sure the iTunes option is set to 'On'


    The above steps will bring back the streaming capability which seemed to go away when you update to 6.1. It didn't ACTUALLY go away, but something about the update toggled off the iTunes option in step 2 above.


    I did a final test by turning off wifi, opening Music app and selecting a song. It played successfully without downloading! Crossing my fingers, but I think I'm good to go!


    Hope this helps!

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    It took a good half hour of searching, but I found the new way to turn iM off in the newest iTunes (super easy, but different than a month ago).


    After turning iM off on my Mac, though, it still wasn't syncing with the new 32 gb iPhone I'd purchased just to be able to get rid of iM.  Most frustrating at all, no iTunes Match ON/OFF toggle was appearing on my phone. 


    All it took were your magical words "while connected to wifi, toggle off the Show All Music and iTunes Match options shown" ... and I realized the problem.  While I have no freaking clue why the buttons aren't just grayed out out or didn't appear earlier when I was connected to my work's wi-fi, I am incredibly grateful for your simple words showing me where to find the freaking OFF button, at least, now.


    I despise iTunes Match and the odd way it complicates and decides when/where/what you can sync.  I adore your sharing of information that enabled me to rid my fancy, new and otherwise excellent device of the menace.

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    same problem here, still not working. on wifi at work but it asks to turn on celular data data to get songs. tried signing in out and a hard reset still nothing. so frustrating was working perfectly before update to 6.1. now i can't use the the feature i paid for why!!!!!please fix this.

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    Warning... Long and Thorough. 


    I've had iTunes Match for about a year, and I hate how I can't listen to anything but B sides on my iPhone, basically the music that *****, which really ****** me off. I have a commute that is more than an hour each way. If a song matches on iTunes, it greys on iPhone and I can no longer play it, except on my PC iTunes. The songs that don't match on iTunes, are basically the b side types that noone cares about, and that's all that's left. So I'll cue up a hot track to get me pumped up for work, and iPhone will display the track title briefly, then skip to a song it can play. So instead of the hot radio hits I want to hear I am forced to listen to celtic music, classic, or opera. It f'n *****. I hate iTunes Match. It does NOT do what it promised. I can't believe I paid Apple to f*** up my iPhone music library. I have a frigging 32GB phone with nothing but crap music on it. Music is my life, it gets me going. Only swear words can properly express what I'd like to say to the iTunes Match developers.


    I have a new iPhone 4s 32GB as the speaker died Feb 2013 and Apple replaced the phone free under warranty. See my other posts for this lovely experience.


    My MP3 music library is a mixture of ripped CDs, and tracks I bought in iTunes on the PC and iPhone. I don't do AAC or any format other than mp3. My iOS and iTunes software is always up to date. I am computer savvy, much more so than my peers. I have been reading this iTunes Match community board off and on trying to find a fix.


    So I should be able to fix this myself, right? I tried a few things, but none of these worked. I'm posting hoping someone has a clue how to fix this.



    Clicking on the Download to iCloud button on a problem album (using U2 - Boy as my example; where more than half the tracks are grey and unplayable), all that happened was the iCloud icon disappeared. For all steps I made sure in PC iTunes that all songs of this album were checked to sync.


    Did a hard reset, and my iPhone still has greyed, unplayable music.


    So next, connected to by wifi and by sync cord, in iPhone I turned off iTunes Match

    - went to settings > iTunes and Apps Store

    - signed out of my Apple ID

    - and signed back in

    - turned Match back on


    and no change.


    So next, connected to wifi and sync cord, I

    - in iPhone, toggled off then back on all Music and iTunes Match options

    - made sure Use Cellular Data was on and set iTunes to on

    - turned off wifi, turned on cellular data

    - searched for U2 by artist and clicked Download All

    - the same songs are still greyed, and still unplayable


    Normally I could just shut off iTunes Match for good, rerip my CDs, then sync the device, but this is not an option because

    - I'm a Veteran, who moved across country last October to be closer to family, putting my house's contents into storage, including my hundreds of CDs. I found a new job (I'm an ER nurse) but it will take time to get back on my feet and move items from storage across country. Moving ain't cheap.

    - the reason I got iTunes Match in the first place was for help accessing my huge music library, when it wouldn't fit on a 32GB. Since even early versions iPhone, I've known to uncheck less popular music so it won't sync, saving space, so it's not like that's a problem.


    I'm good with technology, but I can't get this Match thing to work in my favor. Which ***** because my specialty is ER Psych. My patients are any combination of depressed, suicidal, homeless, substance abusing, self-overdosed, self-inflicting harm, under the influence, fighting with security, under a police warrant, threatening, psychotic, or my personal favorite, just plain BSC... Bat S*** Crazy. If anyone needs to get pumped up for work, it's an ER Psych Specialist. Match has let me down, big time. If ever there's a class action lawsuit citing 100% false advertising, count me in.

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    All I can say is this *should* work, and you've tried everything I would suggest.  I have a similar collection that includes purchases, ripped CDs and quite a few albums ripped from vinyl.  I've been using Match since it came out.  There were a few hiccups at the beginning, but it's been pretty bulletproof for quite a while now.


    I would suggest you make an appointment at the nearest genius bar and just say "make it work".