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Looking at these posts about 17" machines being whine-free and free of heat problems, it almost seems stupid to buy a 15" now.

Let's see...$250 more gets me:
+ A bigger 17" screen
+ Bigger hard drive (120GB)
+ Another USB port
+ A FW800 port (not really useful to me, but why not...)
+ Faster processor @ 2.16GHz
+ 8x dual-layer SuperDrive
+ No whine (has anyone reported problems with this yet?)
+ Less chance of a heat problem
+ Much better battery life (someone reported 4-5 hours with normal usage)
- A bigger 17" screen
- More weight

I'm torn between getting the product that will fit my needs just fine (the 15") or getting the bigger one that looks like a much better value, has fewer bugs, and seems way too HUGE for my needs. This seems like a sad state of affairs. I hope they fix the 15" models soon. I really don't want to wait til the fall, because once Merom ("Core 2 Duo") comes out, Windows XP won't work anymore


Mac mini 1.42GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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