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Hi, I have been using iPhoto for photo management where all the jpegs have been living, in organized events by date and subject for some time. I recently upgraded to aperture and am using the same iPhoto library. The issue I have is that I use Carbonite for my cloud back up and I am able to look at the pictures I have on my PC with the same folder organization I have them on my PC hard drive. This is apparently not possible for iPhoto library. The only way to access a picture on the iPhoto library in the cloud is to go through the master and hope you can find the specific picture since they are not organized in a comprehensible manner (like events or folders) in there.


So the only solution I can think of is to move the current iPhoto library to a referenced image library and use that as my default library from now on. This way I get cloud access and the events will hopefully turn into folders with dates and subjects that I can continue to keep organized to satisfy my OCD tendencies.

So the question I have is that:


1. How can I make a reference Library for Aperture/iPhoto?


2. How do I move the current library to the Referenced Library in an Organized manner? My wish list would be a series of folders labeled with the date and the subject, like I have in my iPhoto library right now.


3. If there is any alternative, your suggestions and recommendations would be much appreciated.


My computer: Mac Mini (Mid 2012), Lion, 16GB RAM.

Thank you kindly,

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    File -> Relocate Masters. You can do that project by project...

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    Thank you so much! But I'm afraid I need a little more information about creating a reference library.


    Is it simply making a folder tree with the various events in each folder under a category such as "pictures" and pointing aperture to that folder tree for the default library? Or is there a way to go through aperture to make a new reference library that I can move the masters into later?


    I understand the concept of the referenced library clearly. I just need the best way to create it so it doesn't create more issues for me in the future.


    Thanks again,



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    Or is there a way to go through aperture to make a new reference library that I can move the masters into later?

    you do not move the masters into a references library - you turn your current library into a referenced library.  As Terence Devlin said:

    File -> Relocate Masters


    What you should set up:

    • Select a folder, where you want to store your referenced files - probably on an external drive.
    • Decide on a hierarchical folder structure inside this folder - that is completely up to you.
    • Select a project from your library and use the command "File -> Relocate Masters/Originals" to move the original image files to the folder where you want to go them to. Only take care not to send two projects to the same folder.

    Alternatively, if you do not care about the folder structure Aperture will use, select all images at once from the "Photos" view and let Aperture decide how to assing the folders - in the "Relocate Originals" dialoge you can specify a subfolder format.




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    Excellent. Thank you!


    The only question that remains is what happens with the next group of pictures that I'm going to add? Suppose I take 50 pics at a party today. Do I then make a sub folder in the new referenced library and put the files there, assuming that aperture will automatically make a new project?


    Or do I import the new photos as a new aperture project, assuming that it will make a sub-folder for the new pictures in the new referenced library?


    Finally would I still manage all the jpegs through Aperture? In other words, if I edit or delete a picture in Aperture, will it be reflected in the referenced library or do I need to delete the file from both places?


    I'm sorry if I'm being redundant. I just want to be clear on this before I undertake a move this big. Remember the only reason I'm thinking about doing this is to be able to view my pics through a Carbonite back up cloud in a browser with some organization.


    Thanks again

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    Seriously, rtfm. The Manual explains how to import photos into Aperture while deciding where to store them. These are options in the Import Panel.


    When you delete Referenced Masters you get asked if you want to also delete the Refenced File.






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    Terrence; You had always been so helpful, and I had always enjoyed reading the information you provided in the various support questions. I was excited to see that you responded to my question as I have so much respect for you. I am aware of the manual. I was simply hoping to get some simple and direct instruction on how to do, or why not to do this.  I only presumed the whole support program exists to have peers answer questions for peers without having to dig into the manual for answers. I only hope that I can do the same for others as I become more proficient.


    It seems like my question irritated you or caught you on a bad day. Either way, I apologize, as this certainly was not my intention. Have a good rest of the week.



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    Sincere apologies. I did not mean to be rude and I can certainly see how I cam off that way. Even the simple addition of a smiley face after rtfm would have changed the reading of that reply. What I meant, in my lazy way, was that the manual actually does a really good job of explaining this - and not one that I could improve on. Plus, it's quite simple in the import dialogue to do it. But I did rush my answer, and I did phrase it badly, and I do apologise for being rude and thoughtless.






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    Terrence; I really appreciate the kind words and the fact that you took the time to calrify. Thank you for the response. I will do as you say and read the manual.

    All the best,