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RoyGal80 Level 1 Level 1

I am considering purchasing GB for my iOS based devices.

I want to record sound using my iPad or iPhone line in jacks (mainly my iPad - 3.5MM jack) - can this be done?

I tried to find some documentation on this but it seems GB only records from the microphone....

Does anyone know?


Thank you,


GarageBand (iPad), iOS 6.1
  • Edgar Level 4 Level 4

    GarageBand automatically detects if there is an input device pluged into the headphone jack. Just use the iPhone earbuds (the one with the microphone), plug it in and you record through that mic instead of the built in.


    The Input Settings popup window (the one with the plug icon) will change accordingly


    Input Settings window with nothing plugged in



    Input settings with earbuds plugged in



    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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  • Jackwr Level 1 Level 1

    You can use any mic you want with the right interface.  I use a phantom powered condenser most often.  What you need to do is figure out how much portability am I willing to give up to get to the quality level you want. The earbud/mic and and iPhone do pretty good, including monitoring you got a studio no bigger than the phone your carrying.   For me it's iPad on an Alesis iodock, condenser mic, quality headphones. Studio quality not much bigger than a couple of laptop bags.  I never use to try taking recording on the road.....was a lot of work.  Not any more! Recording gear, guitar, mandolin, fiddle as well as cloths and food for a weekend away all pack comfortably in my little Nissan versa.



    Search a site for what's available. I most often use musicians friend. More iStuff all the time.

  • RoyGal80 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys, thanks for the help, but I want to plug In my mixer to do studio level recordings...

    Any inputs here?

  • brad1005 Level 1 Level 1

    Check out the Apogee Duet and Quartet...they are the only interfaces that offer true pro studio levels for iPad/iPhone

  • Hate when you ask for personal details Level 1 Level 1

    Does this still apply in the current version of GB for iOS7? I just connected a cable to the headphone jack with 3 "zones" (that is, two insulated "rings" dividing the connector into three different parts) and the input settings change but it still records from the built in mic, not from the headphone jack.


    Are there any other options (apps) to record "CD quality" using the headphone jack on a 4S, either with iOS 6 or iOS 7 (I have two phones).

  • TonyLewis42 Level 1 Level 1

    Id like to know as well. I want to run a line from my headphone jack on my laptop to my iPad headphone jack to record directly into iMovie on IOS7. Hopefully someone can explain what kind of jack or hardware is needed.

  • JD25T Level 1 Level 1

    The 3 "zones" you're talking about are a tip ring & sleeve connetor known as TRS for short. The iPad's headphone jack is a TRRS. I found a couple adaptors that should work for line level devices using the headphone jack on the iPad or iPhone. There are different versions on both sites for 1/8", 1/4", XLR. The ones I listed split the iPad's TRRS (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) headphone jack into separate TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) headphone and mic inputs. These are a lot less expensive than buying a whole audio interface such as the previously mentioned Apogee Duet.




  • Hate when you ask for personal details Level 1 Level 1

    Now I had a look at your links and it looks like they only offer mono recordings (due to limitations in the iPhone hardware). Still need to buy something for the 30-pin connector I guess?


    Besides, the second half of my question - why does GB still record from the built in mic, not the mic connected to the headphone jack?

  • JD25T Level 1 Level 1

    1. Yeah it looks like you're right about mono. The ones I listed attenuate and sum the stereo input into mono.


    2. I've since bought this:



    It works fine with garage band or other recording apps. My iPad/iPhone recognizes that there is a line in device and uses that as the source instead of the built in mic.

  • T_C Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I was also looking for the best solution for recording on my iPad 3 and found this, get your self a camera connection kit (about $29) and use the USB to 30 pin connector to plug in a U-Phono UFO202 from Behringer  it is a USB sound card sold by Amazon and others.


    There are other versions of USB sound cards but I found this one the best!


    Enjoy your mixing