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I am using Final Cut Pro X on a MacBook Pro Retina with OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).


In Final Cut, in the project pane (at the bottom of the screen) it is possible to open an extra pane at the right site of the project pane. You can open the "Themes browser", the "Generator Browser" etc. at the right.


It is also possible to open a "music pane" (Music and sound browser). This is still working. But, until yesterday I could also play (pre play) the music in this pane. Suddenly this (pre play) does not work anymore. I can still see the music and transfer the music to the project. But it is not possible to "pre play" the music. I use this feature very often because I first want to hear the music before transferring the music to the project.


It is also possible to open the selected music in ITunes, that is still working, but is takes a lot of extra time.

PS. It is also not possible to "pre play" the Final Cut sound effects (in the same musisc and sound pane).


Is there someone familiar with this problem?


Hans Lijnbach

Final Cut Pro X, iOS 6.0.1