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Wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this problem.  I updated to iOS 6 last night and everything appeared to go smooth.  Today, when I attempted to read Men's Health offline, I get the splash screen, and then the app crashes.  I noticed the same with any Magazine app that was built on the Adobe platform.  GQ, Wired, Men's Health, Fast Company Bon App......All get to the splash page, then it crashes back to the homescreen. 


When I am connected to WIFI I am able to access the apps and all previously downloaded content with no issues.  I exclusivly read most of my downloaded magazine content offline so this is quite the problem for me.  I also tried numerous fixes with no luck - soft restarted iPad, Hard restarted iPad, tried leaving the issue/app open when going offline......all have still produced crashing  the app when I am not on wifi. 


I'd rather not, but is there anything else I should try before trying to reset the entire ipad for a clean set up?  Anyone else experiencing this?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1, Crash, WIFI OFF, Adobe Platform
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